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Please help me Day/Night reversal

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Old 08-19-2007, 03:30 AM   #1
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James3686 HB User
Please help me Day/Night reversal

I'll try to be as clear as I possibly can.

I've had trouble with sleeping my entire life. Basically it's no matter how much or how little I sleep I'm allways tired durring the day and have a difficult time sleeping durring the night. It's a little bit more complicated than that though and it seems like it's been getting worse lately.

It use to be I could either force myself to sleep for a couple nights or force myself awake for a couple days and I'd go back to a normal scedual. I'd still be drowsy durring the day despite this but at least I wouldn't sleep durring the day.

Spicifically if I sleep for a night I'll still feel dowsy the following day but I'll be able to more easily stay awake that day than if I hadn't slept the night before.

If I stay awake durring the day then I'll tire myself out to where it's easy to fall asleep that night.

However it feels that natuarally I can sleep all day wake up around 8 pm and I'll feel well rested and a little bit hyper. I'd like to be able to achieve this in reverse. Actully sleep at night and feel refreshed the next day but I've never been able to do that.

I've tried over the counter sleep pills (generic brand sleep aids) no effect on me what so ever. I actully cought a cold a few months ago and took some Nyquill to help me sleep with a cold. Well that had an effect just not right away. I actully ended up falling asleep at work the next day. (Luckily I work for a live theater and I feel asleep between shows)

Now as I said before normally if I actully manage to sleep for a night I'll still feel drowsy the next day but I've never actully fallen asleep durring the day if I got a full 8 hours the night before. Here's where I think I'm getting worse. Friday night I went to sleep about 9 pm, I woke up the next morning at 5 am. Full 8 hours right there yet I was up for about 3 hours before I finnally fell asleep again.

I spent the day fighting to stay awake. I was probly asleep for maybe a half hour at a time and awake for 5 min. inbetween.

Right now it's 3:07 am and I should be asleep right now but I was just sleeping for a night and a day so I'm wide awake right now. There's no way I can sleep after all that.

This is only the first time this has happened but I'd rather it not happen again. I need to get on a strict sleep scedual and stay there.

I've managed to work around this before but it's not working for me any more and I've never been able to stay on a strict sleep scedual either because my dog keeps me up at night or more commonly I'm kept awake by my own thoughts.

Sounds a little weird but at night, everyone's asleep, it's quite, and I think about every single little thing. Weather it be something small like I suddenly get an idea for a script and I wanna right it down or something big like how exsistance started. I litterally think about every single detail of every single thing and it keeps me up at night.

New information for me is something to keep me up at night. I don't just learn something and accept it as fact like most people do. I question every single aspect of everything. I even question my own questions. I'm actully questioning to myself weather this is even relivent to the the subject exactly what I think about or if this personal and should be kept to myself. However I'm so desprite to get on a normal sleeping scedual I'm willing to share any information I think might help.

I'm allmost ready to even go to a doctor and spend a couple nights under observation... and I hate doctors, don't trust them, but this is driving me nuts. Can anyone offer me any help other than "go see a doctor" because I'd really like to avoid that option if at all possible.

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aleet7 HB Useraleet7 HB Useraleet7 HB Useraleet7 HB User
Re: Please help me Day/Night reversal

First I recommend that you read the sleep hygiene post- it is very informative. I'm sitting here sighing because I know exactly what you are talking about!!! I have so many things that interfere with my sleep habits(over active 2 year old that wants to stay up all night, thinking all night long has got to be one of the main reasons not to mention a husband that snores like a locomotive with a CPAP machine on his face). I feel that if you can't get a handle on the sleep problems then you need to buckle down and see a doc. I did and she told me that I must get on a schedule and I started doing it with Ambien! I only took it for 30 days and I slept through the entire night w/o being sluggish the next day. The OTC remedies never did a thing for me because the majority of them are only dypenhydramine(the active chemical in Benadryl). I hope you can get on a good sleep schedule that works for you. If not......rethink going to the doc.

Good Luck!

Old 08-20-2007, 02:00 PM   #3
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Location: Jamestown, CA, USA
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James3686 HB User
Re: Please help me Day/Night reversal

See I don't know about that "light exsposer" thing allthough I did take my dog out for a walk early this morning. Trying to keep myself active right now because I slept all weekend, something that is not at all normal for me. I don't just mean durring the day either I mean I was actully asleep all weekend except for a few times I had to get up to use the bathroom.

See the thing is it feels to me like the sunlight itself actully puts me to sleep. I can useually stay awake at work even in the day time and feel fine. This seems to be because I work in a live theater where it's kept dark inside. If I go outside durring the day then I start to feel the drowsyness and am only kept awake by remaining active. (like I am right now.)

I'm kind of afraid to lie down right now if only for a sec. because I'll probly fall asleep again and being 1:52 pm I don't wanna sleep right now.

I think I will start playing music while I sleep again. I had been doing that before back in high school to help with something else but I stoped when that problem went away.

BTW I may be off this site for a little while till I can relocate it on my new computer. The one I'm currently useing has recently gone into the habbit of restarting on it's own to the point where the only way I can turn it back on is to shut it off and turn it back on from the switch in the back of the tower.

I been needing a new computer for a while anyway, this just gives me a nice excuse to get one.

Old 08-22-2007, 01:44 AM   #4
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avs5221 HB User
Re: Please help me Day/Night reversal

Hi James,

My laptop is about to die, so I'll make this short and sweet. From your description, you have Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome (DSPS). A lot of people will say it's insomnia, but don't listen to them. I know exactly what you're going through (I have DSPS and OSA). The thing that set me off was the sleeping pills not working. It's a matter of melatonin being released to your system too late in the day, in conjunction with your circadian rhythm. Sleeping pills only work if your body wants to go to sleep-ie, melatonin has begun to release into your brain.

Check up on the **** page (just search for DSPS on ****). It's a very good resource. The best methods of treatment are light therapy (sitting in front of a light when you wake up) or chronotherapy (forcing yourself to stay awake longer and longer each night until you approach normal, which it sounds like you've already tried--on a side note, in reading your original post, your tried advancing your sleep schedule-going to sleep EARLIER. This will usually not work. Try staying up later, like an all-nighter, only shorter).

I'm done. Hope that helps.


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