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IrishPrinces426 01-28-2008 05:00 AM

Waking Up Before The Alarm
For the past week I have been waking up an hour to an hour and a half before my alarm goes off. This only happens on weekdays when I have to get up for my student teaching and does not happen on weekends when I have to get up for work and church. I have always been the type of person who wakes up a few minutes before my alarm goes off and that never bothered me. I actually appreciated it because it gave me some extra time to wake myself up, but this waking up an hour early is really bothering me. Starting in the early afternoon I start to get tired and by early evening I am ready to call it quits and go to sleep (and that just does not work for me).

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Irish Princes

mkgb 01-28-2008 09:51 AM

Re: Waking Up Before The Alarm
Is your student teaching position a new thing? I am leaning to thinking this may be a sleep deprivation induced by new stress/anxiety. It should wane over time. My first recommendation is to look at your sleep hygiene. The stickied post at the top of the board is my take on the two page hand out given to me by my sleep MD of optimal sleep conditions, positions, and behavior. It also has a few natural and non-addictive ways to aide in getting more restful sleep.

The other issue to look into would be sleep apnea. But that normally takes an injury, dramatic weight gain, thyroid issue in conjunction with a structural predisposition to flip on in the matter of a day. There are rare incidents were medications can trigger such behavior. What meds are you on? How many hours sleep are you getting total? 6-8? The fact you are getting tired late in the day seems to indicate you need your hour. Can you take a 30-45 min afternoon power nap until things readjust? I wish I could help.. but there is too little to go on here. So you need to optimize you sleep hygiene and if this doesn't fix the problem I would go to a sleep specialist and get checked out.


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