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Gavi112 11-14-2010 02:32 AM

Dropping sensation as falling asleep (no associated movement)
I know all about the jerking you can get when falling asleep but this is nothing like the same thing totally diffferent feeling. Hope someone else on here can relate to my symptom!
I first experienced this about 8 yrs ago - I go to bed and lay down and as soon as I start to relax but not actually asleep sort of the daydream stage I get a split second sensation in my head as if I have fallen through the bed- that whooshing tingle you would get if you really had suddenly dropped in a very fast elevator. Then everytime I relax again it does it again and again - somenights only a few times and I fall asleep but others it lasts hours. It will also come back if I wake up from say 5am but funnily if I wake up a few hours after going to sleep for the toilet say then I go back to sleep fine but don't think I am really awake at that time whereas by 5am if I wake up I am more awake.

I have a herniated disc and arthritis in my neck and tmj trouble and also severe health anxiety - so I have been told it could be coming from my neck sending confusing messages to my brain when I lay down and the neck muscles relax - I have had an adrenal tumour ruled out and just had 24hr ecg to see if anything shows up on their at same time as sensations. I was also told by one Dr that it is classic symptom of severe anxiety.

I am about to try going to sleep sitting up to see if position affects it but think its unlikely as I have dozed in a chair and got same sensations.

My GP's don't seem to know if I need to be seen by anyone or who for that matter - is it a sleep disorder or a symptom of my spine condition.

anyone on here get this - def I do not move at at all when it happens so no hypnic jerk it is purely an internal head sensation.

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