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Miyu78 05-18-2012 11:26 AM

Sleeping too long to be Healthy
Hello, Iím an 18 year old female and sleep an average of 12 or more hours during a sleeping period.
I can keep myself awake for days at a time on pure will, though I donít do this often, but absolutely cannot force myself to wake up. Alarms are no help. I have disarmed several while still asleep, and have physically attacked people who have tried to wake me up. Iíve recently gotten my schedule somewhat back on track, because I would sleep all day and be awake from 10pm to 8 am then sleep until 10 pm.
I have tried Melatonin but it doesnít help me wake up. I will be rested but wake up with my head feeling groggy and slight headaches with or without melatonin. I do have caffeine on a semi-normal basis, but not every day. I donít do any strenuous activities but do exercise 6 hrs a week. 3hrs every Tuesday and Thursday. To keep a schedule I usually have to force myself to sleep when Iím not tired to get up 12 hours later. I was diagnosed with anima a few years ago, but Iím fine now. Iím a lacto-ovo vegetarian and do not take any supplements.

Sorry for such a long post but... any idea whatís wrong with me?

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