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tcsp 05-21-2012 04:05 AM

Rhythmic Movement Disorder
I am 31 and I have RMD and am relieved to find I am not alone. My entire life it has been a source of anxiety about sleep overs and sharing a bed with someone... but I cannot help otit... i have the full on body rolling while on my stomach. I do it before sleep and wake up still rolling back and forth. If I try to restrict it I cannot sleep at all. I will admit i actually like it. it brings me peace and is almost zen like for me. I find myself in a calm and deep meditative state before I finally fall asleep. I do suffer from insomnia pretty badly if i cannot roll... the ONLY fix I have found for this is some marijuana before bed. alcohol makes it worse, sleep meds do not work on me and finally anxiety meds make me feel blocked in a sense- almost deaddened... I am happily married to a heavy sleeper but I am overly cautious about when I roll... I usually wait until he is asleep or I will try to go to bed first. usually I wait until he is asleep.

writeleft 05-21-2012 06:54 AM

Re: Rhythmic Movement Disorder
Hi there,

I just dropped by to see what I could learn about RMD, as I have other serious sleep disorders and I wondered if there may be any connections.

I suffer from severe RLS (restless leg syndrome) and PLM (periodic limb movement) along with severe central sleep apnea.

I wondered if the medication I use for the periodic limb movements could be helpful to any of you with this RMD. It is called Ropinrole, and it calms the body of the need to constantly move and kick and all the other things I do in my sleep. I do not roll though.

Amazing the number so sleep disorders that have been discovered that so many of us live with. Nothing worse than beng tired and need to go to sleep only to be driven nuts by all these various maladies that keep us from a good night sleep.

My best to all...

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