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Old 01-04-2001, 03:08 PM   #1
Join Date: Jan 2001
Location: festus mo usa
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msninak HB User

Please someone help, i dream all night long, every night. i can not recal one night that i did not have dreams. i often start dreaming before i even fall all the way asleep. if i were to take a 15 minute nap, i would dream. i wake up exhausted. i have several long dreams a night and can remember them. i am even aware that i am dreaming while i'm dreamming. i hate this. i want to sleep and get good rest. what is wrong with me? is this normal? how can i wake up several times a night and go right back into the same dream? HELP!!!!!

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Old 01-04-2001, 11:50 PM   #2
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TrickyDick HB User

Dreaming every night is normal. I wish I could pick up where I left off in a dream. I have some doozies.
The body gets plenty of rest while dreaming, look at getting more more hours.

Old 01-22-2001, 07:59 AM   #3
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someone HB User

I believe that when you dream, you're in REM sleep, so you're actually sleeping harder than someone who doesn't dream.

Old 01-25-2001, 06:51 PM   #4
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skip_to_my_lou HB User

Everybody dreams even if you don't think you didn't, you just don't remember everything that you dreamed. During REM is when you dream. More time is spent in alpha level sleep (REM) than in the deepest sleep at the end of the period which is why a person tends to remember the last dream before waking.

There are different levels of sleep that you go through each night.(I got this out of a book called "Dreams" by Frank Garfield and Rhondda Stewart-Garfield, so that's why I sound so knowledgable.) Light sleep, Rapid Eye Movement when dreaming occurs where alpha brain waves indicate this, Deep sleep (theta brain waves), and the deepest sleep (2 levels of delta brain waves).

Dreams are a way of the subconscious to deal with problems going on in your mind. Dreams hold a lot of symbols and messages to ourselves in our daily lives. It's a time to work through things and also realize what's really going on in your physical and emotional life. That's what I believe.

So it's not a horrible thing that you're dreaming. That's pretty cool that you are aware of them. Just take note of what you are dreaming. It could be your mind just working through things or trying to help you realize things that you're struggling with in your waking life. I've been looking at dream analysis books and analyzing my dreams. It's pretty cool and it gives me insight into my emotional life.

I tend to dream a lot and know when I'm dreaming which gives me some power to control what I'm dreaming in a way. I also wake up many times during the night because I suffer from insomnia.

Old 02-17-2001, 08:07 PM   #5
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NotJustRight HB User

Hi. I dont know if you have gotten your dreaming worked out, but i read all of the messages, and i have had a simialr problem, that the other replies seem to brush off. Are you on any kind of medications?? I am on antidepressants, and some of them can increase REM sleep, and decrease the deep sleep phase. There are medications out there that can help with this. I am taking Doxephin 100mg at bedtime, and it has helped me a lot. I dont have the vivid dreams that concern me all day long. It has really helped me sleep better. The reason i went on the doxephin is because i am really tired during the day all the time. and my doctor and i thought it was becuase of the increased REM sleep. I am still really tired during the day though, he said it will take a while to catch up from before.. i hope it is soon! Hope it helps if it still concerns you!

Old 02-20-2001, 04:59 PM   #6
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Location: Alberta, Canada
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Airyn HB User

Hey msninak, I am exactly the same way - I dream all the time too -even if I just fall asleep for 5 minutes and I too remember them all and sometimes I know I am dreaming. I can also fall right back to sleep and finish the dream (that parts kind of cool) But it's not REM sleep all the time becasue it is constant and because you don't go into REM in a 15 minute nap. Also I too am tired when I wake up and the more active the dream the more tired I am when I wake. I have nothing to say to help - just letting you know you're not alone -- Airyn

Old 03-05-2001, 10:02 PM   #7
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Jondc HB User

i read in a physiology of behavior book that food you eat before(within an hour or two) can affect your sleep. from what i remember foods high in protien increase REM sleep while foods high in carbohydrate increase slow wave sleep(deep sleep) while fat has no affect. so if i were you i would consider staying away from any foods containing protein prior to sleeping.

Old 03-09-2001, 02:44 AM   #8
Join Date: Mar 2001
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waterfalls HB User

Hi! I, too, get very mad at my brain for dreaming so much! I will be conscious that I am dreaming every time I get any sleep, too. My dreams are so real sometimes that I get reality and dreams mixed up! I will think something really happened or that I had a conversation with someone when, in reality, I didn't. I have done this my whole life. I remember dreaming that I was getting dressed for school and it was so real I slept in and was late for school (that only happened 3 times that I remember). I have always had a real problem with nightmares. I don't mean ghosts and monsters -- I mean real life, like something terrible happening to my little brothers and sisters. It is horrifying. Now, I am having more nightmares about something bad happening to me. I go through spurts with the nightmares. About two months ago, I felt like I was on 'Nightmare on Elm Street' because I didn't want to fall asleep due to the dreams! I, also, have always had a recurring dream about a particular house. I am a gemini and gemini's tend to be haunted by dreams. I don't really have any suggestions; but hey, you are not alone! I wanted to study dreams so bad as I was growing up (due to my nightmares and realistic dreams), but I never thought there'd be any money in it. It would be very interesting to have a dream study done, though, don't you think so?!
P.S. Lately I have been "falling" in my sleep a lot. You know the feeling -- when your chest drops! I have heard that your heart loses a beat when you do that and you are succeptible to a heart attack at that moment. Does anyone know if that is true? What causes this to happen?

[This message has been edited by waterfalls (edited 03-09-2001).]

Old 03-11-2001, 06:45 PM   #9
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Location: IN
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cm HB User

Like you, I dream as I'm falling asleep. But when I stumbled upon narcolepsy symptoms, I realized that I fit into that cagetory. Not only the dreaming too early, but the dozen times in my lifetime episodes of auditory/visual hallucinations in the middle of sleeping, to where I think they are real. Also plenty of daytime drowsiness. No, it's not normal to dream all the time. It's as much a sleeping disorder as sleep apnea. We don't get restorative sleep which can lead to accidents.

Old 03-25-2001, 12:10 AM   #10
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Borgieskid HB User

I too dream all night long. I can get up to go to the bathroom and finish my dream later. When I first became aware of this, it bothered me. Most people don't remember their dreams, although we have them everynight. I decided to keep a "dream journal" and you would be amazed what I've learned about myself. If I'm too busy to write in it, the next night I will have a similar dream. I think it's my subconscious making me remember. I must think its important or I wouldn't remember it. If you "know" you are dreaming, it is called a lucid dream. Those are great, you can control your dream. When you know you are dreaming, just say "look, this is my dream, get out!" You'll be amazed at what you can learn about yourself and your life. It is your own way of working out your daily problems.. Good luck. Kay

Old 03-26-2001, 03:51 PM   #11
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mimibabe HB User

I, too, have the exact same symptons as you, and am quite frustrated at the replies to your post. This is NOT GREAT. It is exhausting and overwhelming. This is completely abnormal dreaming and has nothing to do with dream interpretation, etc. The closest thing I have found on it is called "alpha-EEG anamoly" often found in fibromyalgia patients. Incredible brain activity all night long and waking up every morning feeling like you haven't slept a wink. However, I've just started researching this, so I don't have a definitive "cure" except that sleep medication is proscribed for the FM patients. As soon as I learn more, I will post. In the meantime, hang in there! Mimi

Old 04-27-2001, 10:25 AM   #12
diving girl77
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diving girl77 HB User

I have heard that dreaming is what is happening in your subconcious mind. I dream a lot, but I'm enjoying it now! What I do is this. During the time I'm waiting to fall asleep I daydream, thinking of a cool stuff and exotic places, when I fall asleep I usually dream about that. It is all in the mind - take control of that. It works for me. Good luck

Old 04-27-2001, 12:58 PM   #13
Junior Member
Join Date: Mar 2001
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lee-ann HB User


you obviously have a lot on your mind. Are you stressed? I know my boyfriend is the same when he has a lot on his mind except he sleep talks all night long which keeps 'me' awake. What I usually do is drink a herbal tea before going to sleep, something relaxing or for aiding sleep. That will actually rest you completely and you will sleep like a log and wake up feeling refreshed and rested.

Goodluck and take care.

Old 12-18-2006, 01:29 PM   #14
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naomijoy HB User

Hi, I've had horrible fatigue since I was 14 and the doctor just figured out what's wrong this year. I have the alpha-EEG anomaly found in Fibromyalgia patients (but I don't have fibro...). The doctor got me on a medicine (Xyrem) that fixes the alpha wave intrusions that prevent you from being able to get normal deep (stages 3-4) sleep. Your brain actually sends awake (alpha) brain waves at the same time as the deep sleep delta waves making it physically impossible for you to get rested. I just wanted to tell you about that because I too experienced the all night dreaming and remembering it all with that sleeping/brain disorder, but now that I am able to get deep sleep on the medicine that doesn't happen anymore. Well, at least until the medicine wears off. If I try to sleep for a couple hours beyond the medicine wearing off then I go right back into that weird dream state that feels like I'm half awake I'm so conscious of what I'm dreaming. Anyway, FYI. Hope that helps. You can email me if you want more info. Research alpha-sleep anomaloy, alpha wave intrusion, dysregulation spectrum syndrome, and fibromyalgia to learn more about it. I recommend if you're able to go get an overnight sleep study done and ask them specifically to look for alpha wave intrusions. Find a doctor who is familiar with the alpha-EEG anomaly and get him to help you find out if you have it. If you have it, you likely have other symptoms of fibromyalgia, migraines, chronic fatigue syndrome, etc. etc. that are all part of the dysregulation spectrum syndrome. Right now Xyrem is the only known medicine to fix the slow-wave sleep so that you can get rested normally, but sometimes Gabitril helps (didn't for me--it was horrible and gave me crazy side effects.) Xyrem is a huge booger to get insurance to pay for though, and it's crazy expensive. Take care, Naomi

Old 10-15-2007, 07:54 AM   #15
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sarahbellum23 HB User
i know how your feeling

Originally Posted by msninak View Post
Please someone help, i dream all night long, every night. i can not recal one night that i did not have dreams. i often start dreaming before i even fall all the way asleep. if i were to take a 15 minute nap, i would dream. i wake up exhausted. i have several long dreams a night and can remember them. i am even aware that i am dreaming while i'm dreamming. i hate this. i want to sleep and get good rest. what is wrong with me? is this normal? how can i wake up several times a night and go right back into the same dream? HELP!!!!!
i do have hypothyroid(hashimotos) disease but it is very minor and should not make me sleepy all the time since i am on medication. since about 7th grade i have been falling asleep during class. people just used to think i was lazy but i dream constantly. i can outsleep anyone i know and still wake up tired this consumes my entire life. relationships, work, and self esteem are all comprimised. it absolutely sucks because i know i have so much to offer the world. i heard xyrem can help you with this problem but i cannot afford 5 grand a year and the insurance companies rarely pay for it. plus just to find a doctor to prescribe it is a challenge in itself,,, good luck sarah

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