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digitaldobs 03-23-2014 02:39 AM

Please help me with my DIY sleep research
I've had a nagging theory for quite some time that I haven't been sleeping very well.

I do sleep and I have no problem getting to sleep but it's just not refreshing. I had a theory that I wasn't getting enough of the the important deep sleep.

I've been to doctors and they've either brushed me off or the most recent one has sent me to see a therapist for anxiety (which did find some childhood trauma which we are working through - my sleep has improved 10% or so since discovering some techniques to relax more)

I want to get seen by a sleep specialist but in order to get referred to a specialist I need to understand this myself a little better and convince the doctor to refer me.

So I had the idea to Do It Myself sleep research to find out what was going on while I had my eyes closed, I wired in an infrared security cam and recorded my sleep for the last couple of nights, in the morning I put the 8/9hrs of footage into my edit suite and logged the data such as:
Total time still until next movement
Sleeping position
Partner disturbance

I've noticed (logged only 2 nights worth of data so far) that my average time until I move or roll into another position is about 20minutes, my max time still/asleep was 55min on the first night and 35min on the second night.

I'm moving 40-50 times throughout the night.

I'm mostly sleeping in 20min chunks before I move/roll over then maybe another chunk, the first night I had 2 3x25min chunks (broken by a movement/roll over). The second night was more erratic.

I initially set out to see if I had some sort of sleep apnea or breathing problems as my nose seems to be constantly a little blocked. What I've found is I don't think I'm getting the long deep phase sleep cycles maybe because I'm uncomfortable or being woken up by something like limited oxygen or breathing issues. (hard to tell what yet)

I guess what I want to know is what the perfect sleep should look like or at least what the average sleep should look like with regards to how many times a reposition/movement should be per night. I seem to have two types of movements at night, the main one is a complete roll over and the other uncommon one is just a neck turn.

Also if I roll over (or neck turn) in the night does that effect deep phase sleep, I was under the impression if you were in deep phase sleep it's unlikely you would move at all.

Some points to note: I recently invested in a memory foam bed, this has made a considerable difference to the quality of my sleep since. I take magnesium and chamomile sometimes at night, this seems to help. My sleep hygiene is pretty good ie. No screens 1hr before bed, no exercise at night, no big meals before bed, I don't drink coffee, Bedroom is cool and dark etc. Both nights equated to about 8hrs worth of still/asleep time.

A point in the right direction, some ideas about what a perfect nights sleep should look like or what data I should be looking to capture in my video self assessment would be greatly appreciated.

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