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jacobsmommy 05-19-2007 07:38 PM

Chantix question - please help :(
I came here to post because I see that many here are using Chantix. I've looked all over the Chantix website, and at the 'patient information' insert as well..and can't find an answer.

My DH has been taking Chantix for 5 weeks now, and is STILL smoking about 1 pack a day. :( Is this normal? Are the pills just not working for him? He often will go hours and hours before smoking one, but after he smokes that one will wait only maybe 20 minutes before he's lighting up again. :mad:

The big question I have, is I've noticed some days (more often than not if I don't remind him) he gets his morning and evening pills mixed up. In other words he's taking the 'morning' pill before bed, and the 'evening' pill when he wakes up. Is there any difference in the two pills? Could mixing them up be causing them to not work like they should? He says the 'morning' pill makes him sleepy - but when he takes his pills at night he does so right before he lays I'm thinking they're both making him sleepy and he just doesn't notice the other one making him sleepy because he's already asleep when it kicks in.

I'm also wondering if maybe he should talk to his doctor about upping his dosage. Has anyone here been prescribed more than the two 1mg pills twice a day? If so, did it seem to help more at all?

I'm trying really hard to be supportive, but it's so tough. I smoked for 13 years and just quit (cold turkey) about 6 months ago because during the second month of my (third) pregnancy, I started vomiting every time I lit up. This is my second time quitting, I also quit with my first pregnancy for the same reason and stayed smoke free for 1yr. I still have cravings all the time, so I DO understand that it must be hard for him too. BUT it seems like after 5 weeks of taking the pills he should atleast be a little closer to quitting...and being 8 months preggers my sympathy for DH is dwindling. :rolleyes:

Sorry for such a long post, and thanks for any help!!

DeadFish 05-20-2007 08:56 AM

Re: Chantix question - please help :(
Hey Jacobsmommy,
It could be that Chantix, as it is intended just isn't working for him.

I didn't always pay attention to pill label for morning, as I figured they were the same thing. Also, although some people get sleepy from Chantix, I'd get ramped up, so my 1st pill went with breakfast, 2nd pill with supper (to buffer my tummy). I had still to take something to sleep while I took it.

I would certainly talk to a doctor before considering increasing dosage.
It's an odd drug, but it helped me quit 111 days ago.

It could be that maybe he really isn't into his quitting.
You have to want it. I still want a cigarette, but I want to be quit more.

You quit for you and your baby. He has to quit for *him*, not for anyone else.

Good luck!

anewme 05-21-2007 09:02 AM

Re: Chantix question - please help :(
Hey jacobsmommy, like deadfish said you have to pick a quit date (like the instructions says) and quit. but you have to really want to. I still think of having a cigarette but I don't want to have to do this again. The chantix just makes it easier to not smoke. Good Luck...anewme

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