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DarlinKaty 05-24-2007 10:30 AM

Chantix Help
Hi all. I just heard about Chantix this morning. I quit a year and a half ago using Zyban/Wellbutrin and my urge to smoke rarely surfaces and is always a weak urge. I found it to be a miracle drug for myself. There were some very strong side effects that I remember, I believe I was called the B-word more than once while on it. I had very little ability to manage my anger and would snap at minor things. Fortunately I had been warned of this by a friend and would find taking a short walk or getting up to get a snack or drink helpful and I could hold my tongue and let the anger pass.

After I had such success with Zyban my DH took it on my insistance. I warned him of the anger and mood swings and prepared myself for the long and emotional few weeks that were ahead. Unfortunately DH had no ability to control the anger that arose as a side effect. He was so mean that we almost split and I stayed with family for a few days. He went off the pills and immediately went back to his normal, patient and happy self. He never even tried to quit smoking while on Zyban, so the anger and moodiness were not nicotine withdrawal symptoms, I honestly believe that can be a major side effect for some, as I had friends that had similar experineces and know someone else that quit Zyabn to save her marriage because her anger was uncontrollable.

My question is if this seems to be the case with the new Chantix? The moodiness and anger weren't mentioned in the case of Zyban, I only heard of it through friends not the drug literature. So I was hoping some that have taken it can tell me of their experience? My DH and I are expecting our first baby this summer and his quitting is more important than ever.
Thank you so much for your opinions.

Noni33 05-24-2007 10:48 AM

Re: Chantix Help
Hi, I been taking Chantix for a month now and have had no mood swings or anger. My only side effects has been water gain, but people do get nausea, vivid dreams and a few others side effects that I have read. I tried cold turkey after I had been sick for a few weeks lasted 3 days and remember my doctor telling me about Chantix so went that route. I have my moments of wanting one but that's is about as moody as I get. Hope this is helpful


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