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Agent Gold 07-08-2007 10:04 AM

Do cigarettes make you poop?
Stupid question I know and I didn't know where else to post it but I am genuinely curious. Do cigarettes make you go? Are they a strong diuretic?

StenoLady1 07-08-2007 10:44 AM

Re: Do cigarettes make you poop?
Yep. I don't know about the diuretic aspect of it, but it's really common to become constipated once you quit. Nicotine is a stimulant. It stimulates everything, including our GI tract. No stimulant and the plumbing can get clogged up.

Liz74 07-08-2007 08:44 PM

Re: Do cigarettes make you poop?
Heck yes. In college when I was drinking a lot of caffeine on a particular day and would light up I had to run to the bathroom before I could finish my cigarette. But caffeine is a stimulant too, so no surprise there.
Also when I've tried to quit before it's only been a couple days and as soon as I lit one when I fell off the wagon- bathroom, NOW. Not diarrhea either.

Dale333 07-08-2007 10:42 PM

Re: Do cigarettes make you poop?
NO ! Cigarettes DONT make you go ! I smoked from age 13 to age 25.. and got up to 2 1/2 packs per day. I suffered with constipation until I was 60 ! Cigarettes constrict EVERYTHING! That's why there are SOOO bad for your health in every way! I began taking the NEW diet pill recently released OTC and i go everday 3-4 times per day. GO FIGURE! PS. I quit smoking 34 yrs. ago and this a FIRST! FYI

PixieJen 07-10-2007 07:51 AM

Re: Do cigarettes make you poop?
I would always find that when i would go outside to smoke with a cup of coffee in hand by the time i finished my cigarette i had to go... bad. hehe

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