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nuttygirl 05-11-2008 03:31 AM

CHANTIX- So Confused!!
Hi!! I promised myself and my kids today is the day I start the Chantix that's been in my bathroom for 2 months. I'm 38 yrs old and have smoked since I was 13 :( I hate smoking and really do wish to quit! I've read through most of what is on here about this med but didnt see anything about taking it with the meds I'm on. I take xanax for panic and anxiety and atenolol (beta blocker) for tachycardia. My psych prescribed the Chantix and he also prescribes the xanax so I'm assuming the 2 are ok together. Does anyone else take these meds together? Maybe the xanax will help with the mood swings I've read about! I'm somewhat phobic of new meds so I'm scared to death of starting this med today. I understand these things of Chantix: Can make you feel sick to your stomach, gas and bloating, vivid dreams, trouble with sleeping.. too much or not enough, mood changes. Are there more? I am trying to prepare myself completely for this. I do not want to fail myself or my kids!! I read of cutting the dose in half to help with side effects, taking them with food and alot of water for the upset stomach. Can the night does be taken earlier to help with sleep problems? Like late afternoon say 5pm or so? I know this is all repetitive for ya'll and I do apologize. Guess I just need some reassurance. And ohhhh I had a question.. has anyone experienced any weird heart-type things with this med racing or skipping, etc. I already get that and I'd hate for it to get worse!

OK, today is going to be day 1 for me... I WILL be back I'm sure. I need all the support I can get! :) (((HUGSSSSSS)))

And Happy Mothers Day!!

Gidget73 05-12-2008 05:45 PM

Re: CHANTIX- So Confused!!
Hey Nuttygirl! What a great Mother's day gift to yourself and your children to quit smoking! I would get a second opinion from a GP who has been prescribing the drug. I took it with nothing else and I coulden't take the full dose due to tremendous discomfort from bloating. I got off the meds as quickly as I could wean off as well. I was also nervous of a new med. I am now quit for almost 2 months and I've been off the meds for a month. My lunaversary is the 14th. I highly recommend going through the modules with the Am. Lung Association. FFS (Freedom from smoking) is what they call it. Also, whyquit has a great deal of good informative information that will give you both information but also something to obsess about when your fingers are looking to do something! :)
Information and support are the most important outside sources you could hope for!

Pepper08 05-13-2008 10:29 PM

Re: CHANTIX- So Confused!!
Talk to your druggist about taking Chantix with your other medications. My sister is on tons of medication due to having RSD. The Chantix worked for her. She smoked for 30 years and has been smoke free for 8 months. Don't be afraid of the side affects of Chantix. Instead be VERY afraid of smoking and the out come. Tell yourself that you are now a non smoker, It is going to take will power. But remember the cravings will pass. Good luck.

nuttygirl 05-14-2008 12:31 PM

Re: CHANTIX- So Confused!!
I appreciate the responses!! I'm on day 4 but havent quit yet.. but I will!!


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