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angela5271 11-05-2012 07:43 PM

Zyban for smoking cessation?
I have quit smoking many times always with using the patch, but that has never seemed to work in the long run. My thinking now is...replacing one nicotine product with another is not the answer.

I contacted my states smoking cessation program and they offer chantix, zyban, patches, gum, lozenges or just phone support if going cold turkey. Well as the title says I chose the Zyban route for this attempt.

I will say I am a bit leery on taking an anti-depressant for smoking cessation, and have not taken it as of yet. Side effects worry me and hopefully when I do "bite the bullet" and start the med they (side effects) won't be so bad that my daily life is affected...more so than how smoking effects me... quit date is set for the 15th of this month...if I have been on the med for 7-10 days...if not then the 20th.

Does anyone have advice or success stories using Zyban?

I need all the encouragement I can get at this health is very important to me, and I NEED to quit smoking for good!!


Good luck to all my fellow quitters or soon to be quitters ;)

Joenewbie 11-07-2012 02:51 PM

Re: Zyban for smoking cessation?
Zyban did not work for me I have to go with the anti depressant. My Insurance ran out so I went back to smoking. Now I am on Chantix, great realistic dreams, but taking it is hard on the stomach, making sure to eat before I take it.

angela5271 11-10-2012 07:53 PM

Re: Zyban for smoking cessation?
Took my 1st dose of Zyban today...didn't really make me "feel" immediate side effects.

My script is to take 1/2 dose for 3 days then full dose after we'll see how it goes.

Still striving for Nov. 15 as the quit date.

How are you doing, Joenewbie?

My ex-husband quit smoking just recently using Chantix...He didn't really have any stomach issues...but very realistic dreams.

If Zyban doesn't work then I will ask for Chantix...I NEED to quit!!

Good luck fellow quitters :)

Joenewbie 11-13-2012 05:03 PM

Re: Zyban for smoking cessation?
Well I hope by now your adjusting?? How's this working for you now?

I had to cut back to 1 Chantix in the morning as even if I take the 2nd one at 6pm it still keeps me up all night. Tried taking sleeping pills from Doctor, that was a mess. I am only smoking 2 cigarettes but that is still smoking. It's very hard the 2nd time quitting or trying to quit.

Oh eating and taking the Chantix between bites works great :)

angela5271 11-16-2012 06:20 PM

Re: Zyban for smoking cessation?
Hi Joenewbie...well I didn't do so well with the Zyban...oh my gosh I felt like a zombie after taking that pill for a few days, and had some serious anxiety building...needless to say I stopped taking Zyban, and skipped my quit date (which was yesterday 11/15) :(

I talked to my quit coach today and explained the situation. She said I should contact my physician on Monday and explain the adverse reaction I had to Zyban, and have her (physician)send something stating that to them (Quit coach people). She then suggested even though I am reluctant to use a nicotine replacement product that would probably be the best route to take...I agreed since I am usually sensitive to oral medications.

So the next step for me is getting the nicotine patch in place of the Zyban, and set a new quit date...depending on when the patch arrives in the mail. I WILL overcome this battle with smoking...and I WILL be successful!!!

How are you doing? Have you cut those last 2 cigarettes out yet? I'm glad you are having a better time with taking your med and eating...hopefully not so hard on the stomach now? I wish you luck on your journey to be cigarette free :)


Joenewbie 11-18-2012 12:56 PM

Re: Zyban for smoking cessation?
Hi Angela,
Geez you have been through all that? I ask myself a lot these days "what have they done to us that we are so hooked?" this is so unfair to us smokers. I liked the patches when I use them, but went right back to smoking right as I finished the last box :( But that was me, I was weak.
You seem strong willed to quit and are going through a lot to do it. You know how easy you could just say "aww forget it" but you didn't so that's GREAT!!!!! :)
Okay so now once they arrive in the mail, let me know your new quit date I will try to check my email every day, because it tells me when I get a reply.
I still smoke 2 a day and I am in week "4" and still have 5 more months of Chantix to go, so I hope to stop this week........HEY I'll make you a deal, make sure you post your new quit date and I will quit with you on that day. BUT I get to run outside and have a farewell
cigarette (lame I know).

angela5271 11-19-2012 08:19 PM

Re: Zyban for smoking cessation?
Hi Joenewbie...

Yes...I went through all that...and it was horrible...almost horrible enough to me to say "screw it" and give up trying to quit this nasty habit!!!

But I have stayed strong, and will continue to fight this battle!! I contacted my physician's office today to report the adverse reaction...they want to see me on Wednesday before prescribing anything it's off to the doc I go!!

It's a deal...I will for sure let you know my new quit date (as soon as I know it)...but maybe, just maybe those last 2 cigarettes will be just a memory by then :)

I wish I knew exactly what the draw is to cigarettes...I remember years ago I had to write and deliver a speech to my class...My subject was the dangers of cigarettes and the harmful effects from the millions (exaggeration) of chemicals and what not...for some reason THAT didn't deter me from smoking as soon as I left class...UGH!! You're so right when you say it is unfair...those cigarette companies knew what they were doing to make a buck...and it worked!!

How are you today? Staying strong and on Chantix?

Anyhow...yes, I'll be in touch soon with a quit date for you :)


p.s. thanks for your continued really helps keep me on track :)

Joenewbie 11-21-2012 12:34 AM

Re: Zyban for smoking cessation?
Hello Angela,
Still smoking 2 a day :( BUT I refuse to buy anymore after this pack (only 3 left in it), that's it I had enough. If I can give up 18 a day what's 2 more? Stress levels are up and down like the stock. So I get on line and play some semi-mindless game. Don't think your quit date will happen before Turkey day, that's the day I wake up and never smoke again as I will finish my last 2 on Weds.
Chantix is going better now that I have the sleeping pills, one keeps you awake, one makes you sleep, and because all I want to do is quit smoking how sad :(.
Now, with Turkey day here and all the eating we do, it will make you want a cigarette even more. Eat = smoke, drive = smoke, phone = oh another smoke, on and on.
So I hope you find a way to trim it down and let me know what happens Wed at Doctors please.
-Soon to be Smokless Joe

angela5271 11-21-2012 09:28 PM

Re: Zyban for smoking cessation?
Hello there Joenewbie AKA Smokeless Joe :)

Appointment went well...had to explain what happen when I took the Zyban...She said she wasn't surprised since I tend to be sensitive to other meds and have always taken the minimalist side of things when it comes to taking meds. My doc mentioned a nicotine inhaler, but unfortunately with the program I am working with it's not offered as a quit patches it is for sure...sigh!! She faxed the new script over right away (from the computer...the things computers can do now-a-days is amazing) as soon as they come in the mail (hopefully Friday or Saturday) I will be an official quitter...little more time to rid myself of nicotine, though (that's where the sigh comes in).

On the bright side of things...I WILL no longer be a cigarette smoker...YAY!!

I see you have recognized your triggers...I have the same triggers...guess I'll have to find other stuff to do (except drive...have to get to work somehow, and I live way too far to walk or ride a bike) :) Did you change anything you do to help with the not smoking?

I like to play mindless games on the computer, too...but I like to smoke when I do it...oops!!

So your last 2 cigs were are you doing?

I'm glad you are able to get some sleep now...but it is sad (like you mentioned) you have to take one pill to combat the effects of the other...but you seem to be a strong man, and are taking control of the habit and should be really proud of yourself :)

Anyhow...must get some sleep...long day tomorrow being Turkey Day and all.

Have a great day tomorrow with your family and friends...and be thankful you have taken this step to be smoke-free :)


Joenewbie 11-28-2012 12:01 PM

Re: Zyban for smoking cessation?
Hi Angela or is it smokeless Angela?
Turkey day was my quit day so that will be easy to remember :) Oh my the 6th day and still smokeless. Is today any easier than yesterday? No, it's just as hard and I found that if I go for a small walk when I really REALLY want a cigarette that helps a lot. So I keep going one urge at a time and they are getting further apart. The morning 3 is 100% gone, about an hour after I am up if I forget to take the Chantix I feel like I need one so I rush into the Kitchen and get the Chantix. Always take it with at least a piece of bread or you get sick to your stomach.

Now, your patches should have arrived by now? You start them? Oh oh oh before I forget, go find (hard too)cherry jelly beans. Not so much for the hand to mouth, give you mouth something to do, but all of a sudden I love the taste of cherry. Since I don't want to gain 100 lbs from stopping I picked jelly beans over pie.

As I read and re-read your post, I find it sad you have to have so many challenges in your way. I still find it all unfair that our Government allows the cigarette makers to put such additive stuff into them and get us so hooked.
Please let me know how you are doing on your end and I will do the same.

I am very proud of you for pushing things along as you have, with all the obstacles a lot of people would of just said forget it and continued smoking. It's a must that you give yourself a reward of some kind for doing this. A dinner, a show, something fun.

Please take care, Smokeless Joe :)

angela5271 12-05-2012 07:56 PM

Re: Zyban for smoking cessation?
Hey Smokeless are ya doing? exciting that you are completely off the last 2 cigs now...for what almost 2 weeks? Are your walks still able to help you? Cherry jelly beans? I'm not much of a jelly bean eater...but may have to give them a try...I was told cinnamon flavored candy or gum works well when cravings hit...I bought some cinnamon gum (not much of a gum chewer makes my jaws ache), and I found it worked when I couldn't have a cigarette :)


My quit date...official quit Friday, Dec. only a couple days from now...who knows maybe it will be tomorrow if I run out of the cigarettes I have now.

To say the struggle has been frustrating is an understatement...I finally received the patches today...whew!! Apparently, when I saw my physician she didn't send the right paperwork; although, I was sitting with her when she sent what the "quit coach" people asked her to send. So when I talked with my personal coach last Thursday I snapped at her...oops...I was highly frustrated...I did apologize. I almost gave up on my quest to become smoke-free...I'm glad I didn't since everything always works out the way it's supposed to :)

Have you rewarded yourself for your success?

My ex-husband quit smoking (going on 2 months now), and he has been buying a lot of music CD's in place of cigarettes. I like clothes (what woman doesn't...haha) I think that will be my treat when I quit...but I have to set a goal first...2 weeks smoke-free...maybe a pair of jeans...4 awesome pair of boots...who knows really...haha!!

Keep in touch...sorry it took so long to respond to your last message...I hope you are doing well in your journey to be and remain Smokeless Joe ;)

~Soon-to-be No longer stinky, smoking Angela :)

Joenewbie 12-11-2012 01:31 PM

Re: Zyban for smoking cessation?
Hi Angela,

OMG!!! Day 20 and the pains you get when you stop smoking, I feel like I played Football and lost. But still smokeless :angel: The "very cherry" jelly beans help A LOT as not only do I chew them but roll them all around in my mouth, across my tongue and the key is not to choke on them lol. Then when that craving passes I go back to what I was doing.

It's been easy and hard, mostly hard as I had to cut down to 1 Chantix, the night time one was insane as it would not allow me to sleep for days at a time and my Doctor did not want me taking sleeping pills that long.

So as I am into day 20, tomorrow will be a tie for the longest I ever went without a Cigarette. Quit once before for 21 days then went back to it as I had no medication to help with quitting. This time with Chantix it will happen I am sure of that.

I am going to make this message 2 parts, 1 about me and the other about you. I am at work and have a meeting in 10 mins, I need my walk before the Meeting.

So I will say all is okay, my temper is getting a good work out. EVERYONE has offered to buy me a carton of Cigarettes :confused: But that is getting better also.


Jengaleng 01-03-2013 06:54 PM

Re: Zyban for smoking cessation?
Hey guys,

Keep it up it's worth it

I started chantix on december 11th and I had smoked my last cig on the 17th, I'm over 2 weeks smoke free now and I guess luckily for me I caught bronchitis from the 17th through the 27th. I thought the sickness was just the horrible side effects of quitting smoking and using chantix until my girlfriend forced me to the doctors and sure enough I was days from pneumonia.

Within days I was better from the sickness and because of it I had no effects of coughing up the gunk until after I was well from being sick, The week that followed was full of mucus and tar-gunk in my sink all day every day. After that week passed I could taste and smell everything and take deep breathes without trouble. I now feel amazing and the only side effects from chantix I am getting is vivid dreams and muscle cramps while sleeping. I have two more months worth of medicine and plan to stay on it and ween myself off near the end of it in order to have the strength to not smoke ever again.

I have been a smoker for 14 years straight a pack a day and I will be saving over 2,000 dollars a year from not smoking. I suggest the IQuit app on the ipad/ipod as it keeps track of health and money statistics.

Best of luck to both of you!

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