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russss 04-22-2002 10:02 PM

girlfriend going through much pain, how long is this going to last???
i am writing this post on behalf of my girlfriend who has been suffering for over a month now. it is quit a long post, but i really hope somebody can help us or shed some light. she is 19, and was a smoker for almost 9 years but has since quit smoking.
here goes...

3/16/02 saterday
woke up in the morning, and threw up, but only spit[white foamy stuff] came out. later on that night, she ate pineapple and stomach started hurting. stomach had never hurt eating pineapple befor.

3/17/02 sunday
stomach still hurt in the morning so she ate icecream but it did not seem to help much.

3/19/02 tuesday
Woke up with stomach sensations, felt strange like stomach muscle was spasming.
Continued on that day. Went to give plasma donation later on that day, stomach was still feeling strange, drank about 4 glasses of water befor giving plasma.
Got a urine analysis, found out she could not give plasma because her urine had a high protein level. they suggested it was either because of illness or pregnancy.

left, went to dennys and drank a lot of coffee and smoked more than usual. stomach had stopped feeling strange at this point.

threw up befor going to bed, finally fell asleep after a few hours. woke up at 2am in the moring not being able to breathe well, heart was beating very fast, had chest pains, and legs were trembling[panic attack?]. whole body started to tremble, called ambulance. by the time the ambulance arrived she felt better, had stopped trembling and heart rate was back to normal. but still had slight chest pains.
could not get back to sleep that night...

3/20/02 wednesday
had been having bad chest/stomach pains[burning] this day. went to kaiser after hours urgency care. had another urine test, doctor who saw her said her lungs, kidney and heart sounded ok, but that bacteria had come up in her urine test. she prescribed an antibiotic called 'microdantin' and sent us on our way.

3/21/02 thursday
after taking first dose of microdantin, stomach and chest pains continued on, as did shortness of breath, and also started to get diaherria.

3/22/02 friday
woke up at 3:30am with sharp/burning chest pains, stomach hurt, shortness of breath. took her to ER, they took a blood test, x-ray of chest, and urine sample. urine sample came out clean, blood test were fine, and x-ray looked ok as well. doctor said she had low potassium levels and heart burn. the doctor said that the microdanten can cause upset stomach. he prescribed her zantac and potassium supplements, and told her to buy some malox.
went to store, bought maximum strength maalox.
took zantac and maalox this day, the maalox seemed to help a little.
felt good about the situation, and was able to fall asleep. stomach and chest pains continued on and off but maalox seemed to help a little still.

3/26/02 tuesday
went to doctor[kaiser] and found out she has a heart mumur. doctor told her to stop taking zantac because it wasnt working anyway, but to continue the maalox because of discomfort, he also set up appt for a cardiologist.

3/28/02 thursday
up untill now still having hard time sleeping, chest/stomach pains, and heart rate continued to beat irratically on and off.
decided to quit smoking[weed and ciggarettes] on this day, and did so. also stopped drinking coffee.

4/1/02 monday
pains still continuing till this day. woke up again in the middle of the night because could not breathe and still having sharp pains in chest.

4/2/02 tuesday
called ambulance because could not breathe and heart rate was racing, got very scared because she was alone.
ambulance came and took her to hospital. the EMT's told her that caffein and nicotein are the most powerful drugs, and because she stopped taking both of them that is why she was having panic attacks. got to hospital, took x-rays of chest again, more blood samples, another urine test, which all came out fine.
but doctor said it was apparent that she had soem type of stomach problem, but didnt really say what it was. doctor had her drink some maalox with lidicane which is a numbing agent. after a few hours they sent her home, she felt really good from the numbing agent.
the doctor said that it was ok to drink coffee so she got a mocha on her way home. the doctor also prescribed her pepsid ac for acid relief, which worked for a few days but then stomach started to feel knotted, so she stopped taking the pepsid.

pains came back again the day after, and still continue to this day. she now mostly has sharp chest pains around her heart area, stomach feels empty, she feels naucius, increased appetite but she is not gaining any weight, tingling in hands and feet, her arms hurt and feel dead, shortness of breath, sharp pains behind ears and upper neck, front of throat hurts and feels swollen, head ached every day, dizziness, tiredness, and her heart continues to beat fast on and off for no apparent reason...
she saw her doctor on wednesday[4/17/02] and he took a diabeties test, mono test, urine test, thyroid, blood test, everything came back ok. he suggested the only other reason for all this may be congestive heart failure.
she will be seeing a cardiologist this friday to get a echocardiogram. she is also seeing a radiologist on the 17th to get an upper GI done[gastro/intestenal].
her stomach usually hurts more at night, her sharp chest pains happen all day...

she has started eating very well, drinks lots of water, goes on walks...

i really hope somebody can help us out, we are in love and are very worried about her health. i dont want to loose her...sometimes it seems like i might...but i try to block it out because of how said it makes me feel...
thanks for any help...

HalleyJ 04-23-2002 07:28 PM

It sounds like your girlfriend has been through most of the medical tests. Has anyone suggested endoscopy. That is where they put a tube with a scope on it down our throat all the way to the stomach. I would request this even if upper gi doesn't show anything. I would also request ultrasound of digestive track area. Wish I could be more helpful

PS. Could she be pregnant?

Debra Noel 04-24-2002 11:53 AM

I don't want you to take this the wrong way, but her symptoms are not from quitting smoking. Nausea and major stomachaches, racing heart, sore throat etc sounds like a flu or something. I think your girlfriend should consider getting some help as it sounds like she is suffering from an anxiety disorder with hypocondrias. She is interpreting every pain and ache as something fatal, I have personal experience with this, and it comes down to getting help. Hope she considers this. Check out the stress and anxiety board.

Kemi 05-02-2002 03:23 PM

It sounds very similar to panic disorder. . .

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