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Lovemykids716 06-07-2015 11:29 PM

Daily lightheartedness for several months with nausea
Hi. I am new to this, but I need help. I'm a nurse practitioner (but for neonates) and try to figure health problems out on my own through critical thinking and process of elimination, but I am stumped and feeling miserable.

I have an almost 20 year history of migraines, but they were under control by taking Topimax daily and Sumatriptan for migraines that still arose. However, I got maybe 2-4 a month and the meds controlled them typically within 24 hrs along with rest. I also took odanestron for the nausea I get with the migraines. Now I have had almost daily migraines, out of the blue, going on for 3 months now. In addition, I am very dizzy/lightheaded daily and nauseous off and on throughout the day every day. I have had to go to the ER at least 4 times since this has started because the migraines got so severe and my normal migraine meds didn't get rid of if. I would be lying in the tub puking and holding my head.

A little history leading up to this...

Last October I started having really bad neck pain that radiated to my shoulder and caused occasional numbness and tingling in my right arm and fingers. My primary dr at the time didn't really listen to me and told me it was just muscular and I'd be fine. Yet, I had never had chronic pain in this area previously. (Although, I have had neck injuries from a car accident and domestic abuse). I moved and my new dr. was wonderful. However, a few months ago I started getting super lightheaded/dizzy and felt faint with any daily activity. Sitting down didn't help, I'd drink etc. I dehydrated? Or do I have a low blood sugar for some reason. Then, my dr. and I looked into the meds I was on. Some can cause dizziness....however I hadn't started any new meds for quite awhile. Therefore, it didn't make a lot of sense to get the dizziness from the meds now when I never had it before.

I was still having severe neck pain. So, my dr had me come in for an exam and my BP was 150/110 and remained high with position changes. They thought....maybe the high blood pressure is causing the dizziness. (Prior to this my typical BP was 116-128 over 65-75 or so). Therefore, they sent me home with a BP cuff to monitor that. I noticed my BP was ok unless I was in severe pain. Then it reached as high as 160/115. So, my Dr. ordered an MRI of my brain and neck. (I lost a brother who had a brain tumor. So, I was nervous). I was also having a lot of pain in my right eye...most likely from the migraines, but since I also started to have some blurry vision in my eyes they did have me see the eye Dr. Everything was normal there. I also had an EKG which was normal and all lab results were normal. My MRI of the brain was normal. I do however have a mild disc bulge between C6-C7 with an annular tear. This is most likely what was causing the bad neck/rt shoulder pain and arm/finger numbness. However, depending on the specialist I saw at the VA medical Center...some said they didn't think it should cause that much pain.

Although I still think the high blood pressure was due to pain since it lowers when I'm not in pain. My Dr. wanted me to start on metoprolol. So, I did just until they figure all of this out.

So, due to the bulging disc I am working with a chiropractor to try to work on traction and other methods to relieve the pressure where the bulge is. Anyone experience this? Does it hurt as bad as mine does (mild cervical bulging disc)? It's very hard to get comfortable at night. At times I'm in tears. I do ice, heat, Tiger balm and use a Tens unit to try to help it. They also have me on muscle relaxants and Vicodin 10mg twice a day as needed for severe pain. However, I would prefer to be on no pain meds and just feel like myself again.

Back to the constant dizziness and migraines which still had not been figured out. I saw a neurologist a couple weeks ago. He thinks I have Occipital Neuralgia along with my typical migraines. When I looked it up it said it can cause dizziness. They are recommending an occipital nerve block. I would love to know if anyone else has experienced this or had the nerve block and did it work?

I'm so lightheaded that I can't exercise (I was doing yoga and trying to work on my core to help support my back since I have chronic low back pain). I'm afraid to drive due to these dizzy episodes. I have 4 children that I want to enjoy and my 2 year old especially needs an active and healthy mom. I just want to feel better and normal again.

The only other thing that I saw other people looked into that I have not yet is seeing an ear doctor. If the dizziness doesn't get better soon that may have to be the next step.

Any comments, recommendations or advice would be very much appreciated.

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