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Kissa 04-07-2004 03:48 PM

Went for 6 weeks post op check - long story
So I went to the doctors today for my 6 weeks post op check. I did 4 weeks of physical therapy and the neck for the most part is pretty good. Sometimes I get some throat tightness and the scar is sore and still not healed up right (normal for me). All of my numbness and pain is gone from the c4 - c6 region but now I got a bigger problem and a doctor I'm not too happy with.

Long story short, years prior to the cervical spine problem I have always noticed a large, and I mean LARGE lump for lack of a better term, around the T spine area that would hurt off and on. Ironically no one else I know has this problem or "lump" but my sister, who also has problems with hers. At any rate, prior to the surgery the lump was fairly pronounced. Doctors thought maybe it was because of the cervical problem. After the surgery the lump was actually gone, my neck was as straight as it ever was in my entire life. Well here I am a few weeks down the road and guess what, this "lump" has returned with a vengance and hurts really bad, nearly as bad as the cervical spine did.

So I ask my therapist what do you think this is? She say's "don't know I've only seen that in a few patients in all my career better ask the doctor"
So last week I visit my Rhuemy for my bi yearly exam and ask him, out of curiousity, what he thinks he says pretty much the same thing or that it is possible it could be my T spine area did they ever MRI it.. well no not anything below what they did when the did the c-spine MRI.

So today I see the Nuerosurgeon go thru the regular drill, all is ok, no real feeling loss, having some spine problems the pain doctor thinks is a pinched nerve in my lumbar and so and and so forth. I had a stitch trying to work it's way out and so he brilliantly tries to pull it out.. didn't hurt too bad but left a huge gaping hole.. I told him not to do it because when my shoulder was done it took a year for the stitches to go way but he didn't believe me.. and I tried to show him that my other shoulder surgery from last November still had some stitches bubbled under the skin but he wouldn't hear of it.. he really wanted that stitch out...
Anyhow.. so I tell him I got this lump, look it's right here I show him, it hurts really bad what is wrong? And mention I showed the therapist.

he says and I quote:
"There is nothing wrong with you, that is the normal shape of your spine (T region) and don't let anyone tell you anything else. Don't listen to them they are all STUPID. I am telling you there is nothing wrong with you. When you are ready for your spine surgery give me a call" and he walks out of the room...

that was it.. I was in near tears. I am in terrible pain, livid as all get out.. now mind you I knew going into this this DR. was an excellent surgeon but had no personality let alone bedside manner but I did not expect this.

Sorry for ranting.. but my question to you all is, is the area of your T spine pronounced? Have you had post op problems with it or pain?

I do not buy his story, I won't buy it, anyone who says "they are all stupid" doesn't win any prizes in my book... I don't want to rush out and see someone else but I am pretty frustrated and upset..

Any advice would be appreciated


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