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  • Positive Success Stories for disc injury?

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    Old 09-12-2005, 09:45 PM   #1
    Join Date: Jul 2005
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    notpain HB User
    Positive Success Stories for disc injury?

    It's unfortunate that most of us are suffering and looking for answers. I read plenty about surgical success or failure. And I read the occasional story of how a disc healed or was resorbed.

    Is there anyone out there that suffered a diagnosed herniation and recovered back to normal?

    This happened to me 8 years ago - I was in excruciating pain and finally after 2 and a half months my pain just resolved and I felt normal again. I had a job that required me to stand all day - but walk around a lot. In hindsight this was probably a good thing as it kept the fluid moving through the area. Unfortunately here I am 8 years later and the two discs above are now causing me enormous suffering. One day I could end up under the knife. My biggest issue now is like many others - how much more time should I give my body to try and heal on its own?

    Anyways - sucess stories are encouraging. If anyone has recovered without surgery it would be nice to post a message in this thread about the things that DO or DID work for you. I have plenty of things that have not worked, but I am getting tired of rehashing those.

    And please if you tried alternative therapy please tell your experiences. I have not tried sound waves yet, I am going to try Infrared Sauna Therapy - makes you sweat and also helps dialate blood vessles to increase blood flow. Who knows - they (meaning manufactures) claim you can sweat out many toxins. And for some people it's toxins that aggrevate the joints and prevent or slow healing. At this point if you could make a compelling argument to push #2 pencils up my nose I'd probably try it. People who have not suffered neck pain or spinal pain can not really understand why we who have are so desperatly seeking help.


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    Old 09-14-2005, 11:48 AM   #2
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    Dorthell HB User
    Angry Re: Positive Success Stories for disc injury?

    I think you need to check out if you are not going to be open to individuals seeking relief in a variety of ways. This seemed to be an open minded posting board until now. Dorthell
    Originally Posted by LACat
    "Who knows - they (meaning manufactures) claim you can sweat out many toxins."

    Of course its trivial to analyze purported toxins in sweat using for example, gas chromatograph/mass spectrometers, like one of the three I've got next door. Let's face it - many of these alternative cure claims are easily subjected to rigorous and definitive testing, and I am not talking about anything tough like a double-blind study of patients.

    If you think that "toxins" are sweated out of the body, then get any environmental testing laboratory to identify and quantify said "toxins". You could probably get this done for $200 a sample - its not hard.

    Of course most of the toxic stuff that goes into the body is broken down in the liver and eventually secreted elsewhere. This is why the liver takes the hit in many chronic or acute episodes of poisioning. For example, take a big bottle of tylenol all at once, especially with a little alcohol, and see if anyone will give you a liver transplant for your trouble. Don't expect to see much acetametophine in your sweat, but there will be plenty of metabolites in your urine.

    I got a lot of benefit out of this board around the time of my laminectomy but if its going to turn into a bunch of spam promoting quack remidies I'm checking out.

    Old 09-14-2005, 11:55 AM   #3
    Join Date: May 2004
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    dennisgb HB User
    Re: Positive Success Stories for disc injury?


    There are some folks in the past that did recover from herniation without surgery.

    Do a seach on this board.

    Last edited by dennisgb; 09-14-2005 at 11:56 AM.

    Old 09-14-2005, 05:41 PM   #4
    Join Date: Jul 2005
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    notpain HB User
    Re: Positive Success Stories for disc injury?

    If the only answers to pain were available in the United States and the only relief came at the hands of the US Medical Profession then all we would do is go to our doctors and be cured. For those of us who have consulted the various "mainstream" physicans and are still in incapacitating pain - there are alternatives to investigate.

    For the person who chooses to call names and bathe in a sea of their own ignorance relying on some "professional" to take care of all there problems - good luck to you!

    I have been to 11 physicans so far and I can not even get them to agree on a diagnosis, let alone a treatment plan. After 2 Neurologists, a Neurosurgeon, A Physiatrist (Facet Joint Blocks, and Epidural Steriod injections), 3 Chiropractors - all using different methods, Accupuncture, 2 GP's... and the list goes on. The hostility of some "know-it-alls" is amazing to me. I do not check the boards to be ridiculed or put down. I come here to share and to read of the experiences of others. I post notes and there is always some self-professed expert who wants to label every "alternative" treatment "Qwackery". All Medicene is Guesswork. Some is better than others. There is no one cure all and dozens of serious diseases the "experts" can not cure.

    So please if there are any further people who wish to just ridicule and not share experiences which are on Topic - don't bother posting to this thread.

    Far infrared is a legitimate modality used in Japan and Germany. The life expectancy and overall health of Japanese citizens is higher than those in the USA according to the WHO report for 2004. And the margin is signficant! And when the United States crawls back up to the top of the Healthcare chain them perhaps my opinion might change. But for now while there may be some great doctors in this country and some great medical centers - the focus of treatment is on Drugs and Surgery and not so much on figuring out ways to treat without these interventions. I have tried ove 10 different prescription medications to no avial - in fact one about did me in.

    So I continue my search for people who have tried other treatments - perhaps even mainstream treatments which I have yet to learn of, to help me heal.

    And for the truly uninformed - at a cellular level we are just atoms which happen to be electrical in nature. Our bodies are electro-chemical. Atoms are theorized to be nothing more than intelligently arrainged units of energy. So to think that energy can not play a role in healing contradicts science. Sweat has been tested to see what it contains and everytime there are toxins.

    But some people are so closed minded they simply can not fathom anything beyond what is supposedly "proven". One day in the distant future we will find more effective treatments. Stephen Hawking has recently said most of what he has believed and taught over the past 30 years is now wrong. But who would have disagreed with him 20 years ago? A closed mind will progress no further.

    Please only post if you have experience with recovery from disc herniation without surgery and tell what modalities helped you.

    Thank You

    Old 09-15-2005, 06:07 AM   #5
    Junior Member
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    Scorpio24 HB User
    Re: Positive Success Stories for disc injury?

    I donít have the info you want about rupture discs but I want to say that we need you in this board to give us a different view of things and other options for our problems. I already had my surgery but I want to know what else will be available in case I have problems with the other discs. You mentioned before about posture and believe me that after that I check my posture when I walk or working in my computer. So I remember what you said several times a day.
    Thank you very much,

    Old 10-03-2005, 09:06 PM   #6
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    Location: canada
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    nero HB User
    Re: Positive Success Stories for disc injury?

    My neck surgery gave me 50% relief. So did my low back surgery.. Enough to move on and open a small decor store with an employee and consultants and remain involved in a supervisory capacity. I lived previously with such pain that I felt continually oppressed, the odd time depressed by it and to this day cannot believe I have made it to this state. My husband says my ability to recover was like an athlete because I kept treadmilling, eating right, limiting my pill intake and stopped letting the pain consume me.

    It is a very difficult journey to live in constant pain - paralysis and electric shocks from it and then try and recover with the difficulty I had swallowing from the plate in my neck/throat. I still go for pain needles in my low back and have down time from those, or when I over do it.

    I am so very very happy to be able to mediate the pain. To exercise on my treadmill and enjoy it and to have some control. I do not think we can judge anyone as pain thresholds are individual. I can tell you there is hope.. the injury is always a scar but life mediating pain is not so bad.

    I am going to try and do Reconnective Therapy by a chap who has been diagnosed with a rare nerve ending disease. It helped him, he extends it to others for a fee and at the very least it is an attempt by him and me to not let pain CONSUME you.

    So don't denigrate any process/procedure that may be inconceivable to perceive as hopeful or legitimate. I still take a percocet at my discretion when needed - a whole or a half or a quarter....its a coping mechanism I don't have an addiction to but use it to mediate a day when I have had to overdo it.

    I wish you all well,.I miss talking to you all..but I have moved on in a way that works for me and hope that those who are going through any spinal cord related pain see this post as a positive message. To be pain free one day is still my goal - I promise I'll let you all know what it took and when it is....for now ...just know that the situation is not insurmountable....I am living testament to that...just ask the senior posters who helped me through from April 2000 to this past year and they too can relay that the human body can overcome much pain when the mind and soul are open to healing strategies..whatever that may be for the individual...

    Good luck... still Nearly new again....Nero

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