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jelovem 10-28-2006 05:42 AM

Cervical Spinal Stenosis Please help
I'm a 37 yr old female FF/EMT-I
I injured my shoulder 14 mos ago while lifting 275 to 325 lbs up over my head. I slipped and fell forward and caught myself on the stretcher but my arms and neck bent backwards. I was treated for shoulder impingement for about 4wks and went to see an ortho. He decided pain was coming from my neck. Now my shoulder is still killing me it clicks and pops when I move it. After 11 mos I finally get a MRI of cervical spine. This is now what they are telling me: Finding Loss of normal cervical lordosis, soft tissue swelling is evident, loss of intervertebral disc signal intensity noted from C4-5 through C6-7. loss of disc height at C6-7,minimal effacement of the thecal sac,minimal annular bulging, C5-6 mild to moderate centrel stenosis,left foraminal stenosis secondary to annular bulging and left uncovertabral osteophyte, effecement of the thecal sac and cord is evident, C6-7 there is severe right foraminal stenosis and moderate to severe central and left foraminal stenosis secondary to annular bulging with asymmetric disc bulge/protrusion in the right foramen, impingement of the right C7 root within the foramen,disc desiccation and mild spondylosis at C5-6 which result in mild to moderate central canal stenosis at this level.

I never experienced any of the symptoms of this before my injury but now I live in chronic pain. The dr tells me that my injury could not have and would not have aggravated the stenosis in anyway but I immediately started having the numbness and tingling in left arm and hand. Any advise would be appreciated...

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