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Tucsonlady40 01-14-2007 08:23 PM

Does scar tissue sound like........
I have a dilema with myself right now, and decided I would bring my question to all of you, who might know.

I had a cervical fusion of C5-6 two years ago. Everything was great, no problems, all pre-op pain was gone the day of surgery.

I have taken about 4 different falls in the past 2-3 months. I have been experiencing neck tension, pain, popping noise when my neck tenses up tight and I try to stretch it......chin to chest. Then when I try to roll my neck in the circular way, there is all sorts of crunchy noises, like a bunch of rocks in there. Also, you no the feeling like your head is to heavy for your neck to hold, thats how I feel.

So, I went to my pcp, he said I had lots of swelling, ect. Did trigger point injections. After about two days, I had some relief without the tension. By a couple of more days, it was all back again. I went back a week later for my follow up with Dr. and he adjusted my neck..... There was alot of stuff out of place I guess, because it sounded like alot of crackling.

I asked my Dr. about the pain still being in the neck with the tension, crunchy noises, ect., his reply was...."that's just the scare tissue" (?), and if this doesn't work and this continues, then I'm gonna put you in Pt.

Okay, so my question to you all is:
Have you had the crunchy noise's when trying to roll your neck and release the tension and been told it's "scar tissue"?

Thanks for any input,


feelbad 01-15-2007 07:05 AM

Re: Does scar tissue sound like........
Big question here but do you know for CERTAIN that your fusion actually took,and i mean for sure?the absolute best way to find out for sure(believe me i went thru hell and back with this)is a very simple flexion and extension x ray that can be done right in most primarys clinics.i had had an MRI that was inconclusive and a CT that actually stated i definitely was fused,but was having crunching and grinding and intermittant numbness and lots of took me almst nine months of having to try and just convince my NSs NURSE(the witch from hell)that something wasn't right.she finally sent me for that very simple x ray,and guess what?no fusion.the bottom was but not the top.then it was back to surgery for hardware placement.

you may just want to have this simple x ray done just to make sure the fusion really took,honestly,i am willing to bet that there are alot of people out there who were actually told they were indeed fused like i had been who are still suffering and do not even know that there is not an actual fusion inside their c spines.on this type of x ray,all you do is bend your neck forward and they take a pic,then backwards.if you are actually fused,two of those boney parts that stick up should stick together.if they fan out like when you fan out your fingers?you are not.thats what mine did,a total fan out pic.

this could as your doc said,also be scar tissue too.but it wouldn't hurt you just to be sure.i mean seriously,my CT ststed yes,i was fused,when i very clearly was just want to know for sure.scar tissue is very crunchy too.i hear it everytime i get my trigger points in my neck done in certain areas.its just this big crunchy sound when he sticks that needle in there.icky.

good luck and just double check that fusion so you know for sure.that simple X ray should actually be done on every single patient instead of MRIs and CTs.this really does tell you for sure without a doubt.let me know,K?good luck,Marcia

Tucsonlady40 01-15-2007 08:13 AM

Re: Does scar tissue sound like........
Hi Marcia,

Thanks for the reply. No, I don't know for sure that I'm fused. I've actually had a Ct on my Neck and back (back was fused the day after my neck), and the Ct's came back inconclusive that was about 15 months after the fusions.

I know that I'm not a Dr. or even in the medical field, but I have never had this kind of crunchy sound, and it scares me. I could probably even ignore it, but the tension and popping that comes with it, when I try to release it, hurts, and the feeling like my neck is unstable.

In Oct. 06, regarding my back, I did have a plain x-ray, not an extension/flexion, but it read "L4-5, shows evidence of previous posterior fusion with intrapediclular screws and vertical stabilization rods. Disc spaces are seen in place. Dr. said it didn't say either wasy wether it was fused or not.

I will call my Dr. this week and see about the flexion/extension though.

Thanks again and I will let you know, what I find out.


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