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firepiper66 01-21-2007 02:19 PM

leg weakness
hi everyone,
i'm scheduled for some testing to find out what's going on with me and had a question for anyone who's had alot of experience with spinal issues.

my main symptoms are leg weakness, lower leg and arm weakness, lower arm, both on the right side. occassionally i'll feeling tingling at my right heel and right pinkie and ring finger. i'm not really in pain and never felt anything in my lower back give. i did hear a pop a few months back in my mid back, and a week later i felt pain at the site but not anymore.

i recently went to an ortho who said i had sciatica and sent me to pt with a prescription for naprosyn for a month.

i guess my main question is, if it's from my spine wouldn't the weakness be in my whole leg or arm?

if i hearniated a disk, lower back, wouldn't i be in pain?

and of course my scariest question, if this was cord compression, wouldn't it be constant and not intermitent?

i've been worked up for ms, with a mri of head and neck, negative, i had a ct of my head to rule out stroke, negative, numerous blood tests, negative. i'm starting to become quite worried and feel like i've been to so many doctors with no answers.

any help would really be appreciated.

bdancer 01-21-2007 08:12 PM

Re: leg weakness
Hi fire

I can only say what my experience has been but I really haven't had an awful lot of pain all the time..( I did have one or two bouts of sciatica and have more muscle spasms now as the situation worsens) so that is why I kept putting the surgery off but now I realize I am getting more and more numb and weakness continues... if I keep like this I will eventually go paralyzed and I now know it.. yes things do come and go and symtpoms worsen and better but remember nerves are soft tissue and become irritated and inflammed which worsen symptoms just like muscles do, I think we sometimes forget that... I have had months go by that I thought I would be normal forever then last weak I put my neck out and my left leg went out on me... hope you find your answer ....bdancer

sunshine221 01-22-2007 06:24 AM

Re: leg weakness
Make sure you get a c-spine MRI
I've had no pain through my ordeal. Started with arm swing and walking (gait) issues. Progressed to muscle weakness, all on my right side. C-spine MRI showed "severe" compression and I had surgery three weeks after the MRI. 16m post surgery I'm 70% ish better, still have gait issues and some minor tremors.

Good luck - stay calm - find a doc you trust.

quilter58 01-22-2007 07:05 AM

Re: leg weakness
Firepopper 66

I have not had a lot of pain, some but mostly mine has been numbness and tingling throughout my body.......One nuero told me my leg problems were not conected to my neck problems.......until they found that my spinal cord was being compressed at 2 levels........And symptoms were not there ALL the time.

C-spine MRI will tell you alot.......

There is some good done with non-surgical options.......

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