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SKZ 03-02-2007 10:06 AM

Spasms and not wearing a collar
Do you all think that people get more spasms when they don't wear a collar? I havent worn one (I am 7 weeks)....and I have bad spasms. I wasnt doing too poorly until last weekend, when I totally over-did the sitting. OY. Fri. night I watched a DVD, Sat. night I watch 2 DVDs, and Sunday...sat for many hours at my ladies party (for my belated birthday) and then went shopping, cooked chili and watch the Oscar on my butt for 4 hours. Now I am totally suffering for it like you wouldnt believe. I am sitting here typing with a hot pack around my neck. I actually bought a small hydrocollator because before surgery I had bad spasms for 5 yrs. I am really scared I am stuck in spasm because that is all my body knows now. TO GUARD MY NECK.:( I am wondering if people that wear a collar get less spasms.

OhioGolfer 03-02-2007 11:11 AM

Re: Spasms and not wearing a collar
Well, since you and I are in the same boat -- both have spasm problems with no collar -- I can't speak to being in a collar full time. I have worn a soft collar at night a few nights, and did notice that the spasms did not wake me up as frequently.

I suspect this is more of a "pay now or pay later" situation. Our necks are spasming because they have been weakened by the surgery, plus their stimulation pattern from the affected nerves has been changed. If you wear a collar, the muscles aren't called upon to do that work, so they don't spasm as much. However, wearing a collar for extended periods of time weakens the muscles as well, so I would hypothesize that folks with collars probably have at least some spasm problem when the collar comes off.

Just my guesses.


PNo 03-02-2007 12:34 PM

Re: Spasms and not wearing a collar
Pay me now or later. I wore collar and didn't have too many during, but when it came off I got them.

julyg 03-02-2007 02:23 PM

Re: Spasms and not wearing a collar
I do not think sitting has anything to do with it. I think sitting poorly has a everything to do with it. I wore an Aspen collar for 3 wks and i went back to work light, duty sitting after 3 wks sitting for 9 hrs a day.

You sound a lot like me as far as researching and buying what you need to have your own tools. First thing I did was replace my chair at work with a proper "task" chair. I went through 3 P/Ts post surgery and now that I know how to sit I do not spasm (much), in fact it is rare.

At home, when reading at a table a book or newspaperI pl**** it ontop of 2 phonebooks. If I am in recliner reading, item I am reading is on 3 pillows and so are elbows. In fact I am at my office now and I have my monitor on 2 yellow pages so i do not have to look down. Cooking at home....Cutting board is on 2 phone books. Ok I am tall maybe you need 1 phone book!

P/T emphasized proper posturing and chin tucks. I had a tendency to poke my neck forward (I call it the turtle) and i was totally unaware I was doing this. Lord knows how long I did this or maybe its just post-op but anyway its
BAD! and shoulder pinching bringing your shoulders back 30x 3 x aday has really helped. I am not taking any medications for spasms.

I have been shopping for my perfect contemporary recliner and found it...It is a joy and wonder in everyway and it is 45" tall perfect for neck support. Easy to recline and sleek leather design. Unfortunately the manufacturer is very proud of it and right now it is not in the budget. But I know at some point I will have this chair (power of positive thought) and sitting will really be bliss!

bw67 03-04-2007 08:01 AM

Re: Spasms and not wearing a collar
it took me a lonnng time before my spasms completely disappeared, and I had a less invasive procedure than most of you. my doctors told me that the spasms were part of the nerves healing, and that the longer you had the condition that prompted the surgery, the longer it would take.

I was on FLEXIRIL for spasms for probably 4 months post surgery...

I am nearly 7 months post op, and if I stand for too long- for example, 2-3 hours at a music venue, where the floor is concrete- my neck still gets a little tight/sore. I usually come home and ice it down, and the next day I'm back to normal.


OhioGolfer 03-04-2007 01:08 PM

Re: Spasms and not wearing a collar
" . . .my doctors told me that the spasms were part of the nerves healing, and that the longer you had the condition that prompted the surgery, the longer it would take."

Ouch -- since my neck problems were ongoing for about 20 years, this is not good news . . .;-)

SKZ 03-04-2007 01:27 PM

Re: Spasms and not wearing a collar
Oy, I thought 5 years was rough. ;)

bdancer 03-07-2007 07:36 AM

Re: Spasms and not wearing a collar
HI guys

I have spasms at night after a busy day of doing stuff.. I am gradually weaning off the collar...although I have to admit I like it better takes longer to get spasmy with my soft collar on.. everyone I know that has had the surgery gets a little more stiff neck feeling...even years after...I am not saying they get painful spasms but I do think they get tighter..but that is a small price to pay for the surgery and most people don't regret having the surgery..

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