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Cardy 05-11-2007 01:15 AM

Ongoing back problems, loss of mobility
Hi. I'm new to the forum. I am 24 and when I was 11 I had a sporting accident that caused me to damage T10 to T12. I was in hospital for a few days and was told "In later life you may develop mobility problems".
Well for about 5 years I have suffered back ache but over the last 5 months the pain has got worse and I have developed numbness and tingling in my legs. I have started tripping over and also cannot walk more than 20 steps without being doubled up in pain. I do not seem to be able to move my toes much and I saw a physio who when examining me said I have very little reflex actions in my feet. I have an Occupational Therapist who has recently asked the local wheelchair clinic to see me and provide me with a wheel chair.

Has anyone else had symptoms like mine and have any advise for me. I am very scared and confused.

feelbad 05-11-2007 06:57 AM

Re: Ongoing back problems, loss of mobility
have you actually had a recent MRI done on your whole spine?or at the very least at the old injury site?i am talking within at the very least,the last year or so or since the new symptoms have appeared in you?if not you need one really sounds like you have some heavy nerve compression going on there or even spinal cord affectaion.this really does need looking into,before you actually end up in that chair on a permanent are most definitely losing more and more neuro ability here and that does need some rather immedite attention just to find the actual cause.unless you have actually had a recent MRI done anyhting that is going on is all assumption from your old injury while it could be something completely different.anytime you actually suffer any spinal injury,it affects the rest of the column to a certain degree because of the changes caused by the actual injury.the entire column is completely connected and it does affect other areas too.

do you remeber the extent of the old injury as far as what was actually injured(exactly) and any interventions such as surgery that were actually done?this could be a scar tissue thing as well.any surgery or injury can cause scar tissue to actually form around the affected area.i have tons of it inside my neck from two previous surgeries done there.what i really do need to know here is whether or not you have had a more recent MRI done.this would really help alot in just being able to give you the best possible advice.if you have had one,what did it state in the summary as your biggest issues at this point?any further info you could possibly provide would really help.Marcia

Cardy 05-11-2007 07:10 AM

Re: Ongoing back problems, loss of mobility
Hi thanks for the quick reply. I will try and explain what I have had done and what the MRI shows. Please excuse my spelling though LOL

When the injury first happened I had spinal concussion and ruptured disks between T10 and T12. I had no operations just a few days of laying flat on my back in hospital. I was discharged and had a few months of physiotherapy, thats it.

3 years ago I had an MRI which showed scar tissue around the injury site and crumbling vertebrate. I was just told to live with it and "take it easy".

Recently I have seen my GP, the Occupational therapist and a physiotherapist all of which have told me nothing can really be done. Just to take it easy. The GP offered pain medication but decided not to take it ( I do not have that much pain ). The Physiotherapist said their was no problems with the muscles and I was very flexable and had a good range of movement but when she checked my reflex actions said my feet really had none, my ankles were poor, knees were not too bad and hips were ok-ish. The Occupational Therapist has been ordering various things to help me like bathing aids to help me get in and out, wheelchair, back support.

I have not been offered any further help or investigations.

I only suffer pain on walking and laying flat. Sitting I have no pain what so ever. The main problem seems to be the movement, control and feeling in my legs. I cannot curl my toes, my ankle movement is very limited and I seem to be tripping over all the time. Fell a couple of weeks ago and broke my wrist. And the pain on wlaking is too much to cope with. I guess this is why they are keen to get me a chair because it would make me pain free but I am not too keen on the idea.

I hope that gives you a bit more info and I really appreciate your help and support.

feelbad 05-11-2007 07:12 PM

Re: Ongoing back problems, loss of mobility
I don't see anywhere here where you actually ever consulted with a real neurosurgeon on this?did you even actually do that back then or since?a physio really is not one to give the best possible opinion on any surgical interventions.the fact that your last MRI was actually three years ago,well to be the most current,any specialist(neurosurgeon)actually would like one done within six months of any consult since so very much can actually change over just a few months.i can only imagine what has occured over the three years here,not to mention since the initial injury took place as far as movement of those vertebraes closer to your cordspace,and possible cord itself(which quite honestly,it DOES possibly appear to be going on here).actually if you never really had even a consult with a good neurosurgeon at the time of this injury you don;t really know what your possible surgical options could have been back then either.the type of doc and therepist you have been seeing are great within their place but not for surgical consults at all(they work better after the fact or with inoperable issues which you really do not actually know that this even is yet for certain).they just do not know enough to give you anything actual only presumptions,they are just not surgeons,or anything even close to it at all.

my best possible advice to you at this point would be to get thee to an actual neurosurgeon to see what if any possible surgical or other interventions are actually possible for your condition.get an updated MRI with contrast which the NS WILL want,i can guarentee you that.this just really needs to be done soon.there just is so many possible options now vs way back when you first recieved this injury too numewrous to mention that could really really help you alot to actually stay out of a wheelchair.if you do indeed have some cord involvement of some sort,this really really needs much further evaluation by an actual neurosurgeon.once that cord has been damaged it makes your whole world completely different,trust me on that.if a NS can reverse the damage sooner rather than later(usually just relieving compression of some sort),the risks of permanent damage are much much less and possible recovery is better than waiting til after tissue or cell death within the cord.that would NOT be recoverable.

if i were you,this really IS what i would be doing right just deserve an actual surgical opinion by an actual neurosurgeon who does cord surgries.this type would just be much more knowledgeable about anything to do with the cord.every neurosurgeon is not created equal,they all have their little specialties they deal with and have the extra training and schooling for.i actually saw three seperate NSs before i found one that had the actual skill level and training and the experience do even do my cavernoma removal surgery within my cord.this is what you really need right now,the knowledge and overall experience needed for your particular level of damage and injury.

your issues would not be actually considered to be "inoperable" until you have been fully evaluated by at least one real neurosurgeon and possibly a second opinon as well.not til then.i wish you lots of luck with this.but get that MRI done really DO need to see about possible cord involvement here and soon.please keep me posted,K?marcia

DELTA 22 05-12-2007 08:14 AM

Re: Ongoing back problems, loss of mobility
"feelbad" Your post is excellent !:wave:

Cardy 05-14-2007 01:16 AM

Re: Ongoing back problems, loss of mobility
Thanks for that "feelbad". I have arranged to see my GP this week and tell him I NEED to see a neuro doc again. If something can be done to help then I want it done not just fobbed off with "take it easy". I did not realise that their was even the simplist possibility of treatment. Thanks so much for your advise. I will let you know how I get on.

tkb 05-14-2007 01:39 AM

Re: Ongoing back problems, loss of mobility
Hi Cardy, nice to see another Uk resident on site, i dont think theres many of us! I have alot of ongoing problems, since a c5/6 discectomy was carried out Oct 05 after diagnosis from Mri at LGI. I have further disc promblems in cervical spine and recently diagnosed lumber disc probs. I'm only 37 and was a very healthty physical person b4 my problems started nearly 3 years ago. I cant work now as i am having too many probs with mobility myself. My legs are affected, walking has become increasingly difficult, my knees go red hot, ankles swollen and feet feel numbish, in fact as i say to my family i feel like my legs dont belong to me as they simply seize up! Its very frustrating but i'm determined not to end up in a wheel chair, for a start my home is 3 storey! so that adds its difficulties, i crawl up the stairs on some days but i get there even if it hurts. I would get your GP to refer you to see a NS or Pain Management specialist, i must say the pm consultant i now see is more understanding than my NS. I take pregabalin, have you tried that? It's early days for me on this medication as i havnt seen any significant results yet. Do you have any neuro hospitals near to you? I'm quite fortunate as i live not too far from Leeds General Infirmary which is a top Neuro hospital in the Uk. Keep me posted and good luck.

feelbad 05-14-2007 06:50 AM

Re: Ongoing back problems, loss of mobility
tkb,just curious here,but have you ever actually been evaluated for possible RSD? from the description of your symptoms this really could be a very real possibility.go on up to the RSD boards here and read thru some of the threads there and do a bit of reseach on RSD or the newer name,complex regional pain syndrome(CRPS).and just see how your symptoms compare.anytime you have any sort of actual spinal surgery,only becasue the actual SNS chain runs along the outside of both sides of your spinal column,it IS possible to suffer some level of sympathetic nervous system damage which would be a trigger for just really do need to check into this a bit further as there are certain treatments that can be done for RSD that other types of pain syndromes would not respond to.i have this crap in my R knee as a result of SNS damage done suring my spinal cord i said,your symptoms DO appear to be indicating this as a possible Dx for your pain presentation.the swelling is a biggie along with the hidious can be bilateral too like yours since both sides of the body share the same part of the sympathetic chain at that level.just an FYI for you.

cardy,make certain you are referred to an actual neuroSURGEON and not just a NEED that level of expertise along with an new updated MRI.good luck and please keep us posted,K?Marcia

tkb 05-15-2007 01:07 AM

Re: Ongoing back problems, loss of mobility
feelbad, thanks for the advice, i have been diagnosed with crps in my r arm, strange! but no where else at this time, i am waiting to have a lumber epi, to see if this works for my legs, if it doesnt then they say all the problems are from my cervival damange.

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