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Rat57z 05-31-2007 02:29 PM

Anybody help please Hyper reflexia, clonus no diagnosis
I am a 49yo male, over the past year have been having back issues (extreme pain in lower and upper back) hyperreflex with clonus in both legs, constanat headaches, limited range of motion in neck with crepidation. It was thought to be Stenosis. I have been to multple doctors and diciplines. I have had MRI, CAT scan, EMG, Bonescan, X-ray and myelogram.

I was checked for Stenosis, MS, Lyme, others...

Findings: Arthritis in knees, sternoclavicular joints and throughout thoracolumbar spine. There is a mild compression fracture C7, another in Thoracic spine. There is narrowing of the neck region also.

Symptoms: Pain in spine from head to tail, aggravated by movement. Left leg pain almost all the time agravated by walking, extreme pain in lower back if I walk more than 100 ft or so. If I move my head side to side (it hurts), and will cause an electric shock down left or right arm and sometimes down spine. Headaches (similar in pain from Myelogram headache) these last 3-4 day at a time. My motor skills (typing and hand coordination is degrading). If I sit in a chair all day I can enjoy minimal pain (3-4 out of 10). I am taking 5-6 vicoden a day to cope with pain along with Gabapentin (sp) 2 times daily. I am also getting whole body tremmors or sometimes just in legs.

The NS just gave me walking papers and has no idea, feels its not stenosis from indications on Myelogram and other scans and consulted with a peer who agreed.

I am barely able to work (office job) or drive (clonus when I hit brake) and pain is becoming a norm in my life. I will go back to nerologist..again as the NS is done at this point.

I was in a few accidents 25 years ago in the Navy and know my back took the worst damage and I am paying now...what noone can help with is the weakness in legs, arms and reflexs that go through the roof

Any input would be appreciated.

Richard in Wethersfield

PNo 06-01-2007 11:36 PM

Re: Anybody help please Hyper reflexia, clonus no diagnosis
Go back to Neurologist. The NS is looking for some operable pathology, the Neurologist will take more time with you. If I were you I would find another Neurologist for a 2nd opinion directly from exam and not discussion. You have plenty of symptoms that need investigation,.

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