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Marywoo 06-25-2008 04:44 AM

Burning Of Nerves Any Advice?
HI, today i go see my pain management dr and his next step is to burn off my nerves,iam lost i know many people who have had back surgeries,fusions,lamnectomys but can not find anyone who knows first hand about this procedure,iam scared,last time this guy touched me i was in a comatose state after facet shots,hes gonna want to know if they helped and i know for sure iam just starting to feel better,any advice would be greatly appreciated,iam having a panic attack,please help. thanx and sorry to trouble you i know everybody has their own problems. marywoo

BobM 06-25-2008 10:45 AM

Re: Burning Of Nerves Any Advice?
First of all - don't panic! It won't help and just makes you feel worse.

I think the procedure you are contemplating is called 'facet rhizotomy' - if you seach on this phrase either here or the internet you will find a number of articles that describe the procedure, how it is done, what to expect, etc.

I have not yet had this, tho' I am a candidate. I don't believe it is too big of a deal (especially for those of us here who have had multiple fusions, chronic pain, etc) - just another 'technique' to try and remove pain.

Hope this is helpful!

lilydilly 06-25-2008 02:17 PM

Re: Burning Of Nerves Any Advice?
no advice, Mary, but just hugs, because I don't want you to feel so scared. I don't know anything about burning of nerves, except that my best friend had something that I think would be the same.. they called it cauterizing her nerve ends, where they were being irritated by a broken off piece of cartilege. That was years ago, and she did still have to have surgery some years after having this done. But she just described it as a needle. I don't know if this is the same that they are talking about, but just tell them how you feel. Come and talk here anytime... you aren't troubling anyone. Can you feel that hug? Ok, good, now here's another one.{:)}

sammyo1 06-25-2008 06:43 PM

Re: Burning Of Nerves Any Advice?
Mary my PM doctor mentioned that to, so it may be more common then we realize. I think someone menioned it at one time on the PM board.
I will be going for transforaminal epidural injections & he said it would all depend on how my pain level reacted to these injections. So I am curious to. Sammy

Marywoo 06-26-2008 04:22 AM

Re: Burning Of Nerves Any Advice?
Lillydilly, thankyou so much for that warm hug,yes i felt it and am sending it right back to you,my husband was supposed to go with me to pm doc yesterday but at the very last minute something came up and he could not go.i was very dissappointed because i really needed someone to help me because of my mental confusion but you know the saying stuff happens.i will eventually have that procedure done but i will try to take a rest for a while i have so much housework and laundry since that last episode .from the bottom of my heart i I THANK YOU for taking time to reply i really appreciate it.the first thing i do in the morning after letting the dogs out is hop on this board you all have been my saving grace and i want you to know it. please let me know how you are feeling lilly iam very interested and would love to help even if its a little friends without pain just dont get me anymore.thanx so much marywoo:angel:

Marywoo 06-26-2008 04:36 AM

Re: Burning Of Nerves Any Advice?
Sammy, I think your probably right about how common this procedure probably is but i have to tell you i know alot of people with back problems that have never heard of it,but i think its because my dr called burning off the nerves, and BOB said it is called facet rhizotomy,and after researching it BOB is makes it easier if you have the correct name LOL:D.not to get off subject sammy but thats another example of my brainfog,trying to write these posts i jump back and forth reading peoples post because i could be the meds.anyway SAMMY thank you so much for taking your time to reply i mean it when i say i appreciate it and when i get that rhizotomy i will let you know all about it,for me the needles dont bother me i dont get sedated,its afterwards i have a problem,i get really sore for 2 weeks that is why i have to plan for this procedure,just incase iam layed up like after those facet shots.feel free to vent any time i appreciate hearing everybody elses storys we all have one,thanx again marywoo

sammyo1 06-26-2008 05:07 AM

Re: Burning Of Nerves Any Advice?
Mary, By chance did you get the transforminal Epidural injections? I am scheduled to have two done & depending on the outcome will determine if my PM considers the "burning". I did not know the technical term either, then again my doctor never said what it was called, just explained abit about the procedure, & I mean just abit.
Anyway I have no clue what to expect from these injections so kind of hard to plan for work & so forth. I would really appreciate it if you could let me know & yes I would love to hear back from you how it goes.
I am the same, but even worse I am a scatter brain to begin with so throw the rest in & I turn into a big Air head (ha). Sammy

Marywoo 06-26-2008 06:52 AM

Re: Burning Of Nerves Any Advice?
Sammy i did get the steroid injections first i beleave he said they are like a test,if you get releif that that is the area,the first injection i got i was able to go back to work the next day the second injection which was for the siactica i definately got relief from the legs hurting(they were hurting even while i was in bed)but it felt like like my cervical area became more painful,i felt like i had a wet swollen stump in my back,but the leg pain was gone.after the facet shots which were in my upper area gave me about 1 day relief than i got worse i was walking around like an 80 year old,but the pm said that means he hit the right area(go figure)thats why i want to give myself a rest before having the rhizotomy because i am just starting to feel human again,and actually died my hair yesterday which i could not have done and didnt care for 2 weeks after the facet shots,my hair was grey,brown, and blonde,and iam not that vein but that was a site to behold lol:jester:Sammy everybody is different i have other issues that may have played into my spines reaction,so dont be scared,the shote alone did not hurt and i was not sedated,it is definately worth a try and i know i have no choice but to eventually let him do it because when the pain hits youd be surprised what youll do never in a million years did i think i would let someone stick needles in my spine. marywoo

sammyo1 06-28-2008 07:18 AM

Re: Burning Of Nerves Any Advice?
Thank you so much Mary, it helps to be able to ask someone who has went through with it. I will be sedated which makes me less nervous. I have had the trigger point & cortisone which were not pleasant at all so I just tell myself At least I wont see or know when the needles coming at me (ha).
I have to laugh at your hair story, I have needed mine cut for over a month & just cant force myself to go & get it done. I am just never sure how I will feel. I wash it before I go, no way am I bending my neck back over a sink.
I need a dye job to. This has caused me to go gray fast. I am youngest of 10 & my sisters are aways pointing out how much gray I have, of course most of them are blondes & their children are all grown up. So I contribute equal amounts of gray to CP, my husbund, my kids & work. I was shocked when I looked in the mirror in my car how much gray I actually have. My goal is to get it cut next week, that has been my goal for the last three weaks, but with the epidurals I want it done, just in case. I am not so worried about the cervical but anything in the thoracic makes me nervous. I am praying it does not make this chest pain worse, I dont think I could deal with that.
I will go for the burning if these injections work, anything that will give me some relief.
I dont know about you but I have the dang pain every single day & it is getting worse & worse, you know into both arms & hands, certain days certain fingers. Headaches are starting, so hey I'll give anything a try as long as it would not cause it to worsen for any real length of time. The weather we have been having has really made it much more difficult, never realized how much the weather can effect you. I feel old, like 100 & I am only in my early 40's. I am glad you may be going first for this procedure, thats sounds terrable of me, but I am such a wimp. I will keep you in my prayers & thank you so much, you have been abig help to me. Sammy

Marywoo 06-29-2008 05:39 AM

Re: Burning Of Nerves Any Advice?
Sammy i understand completely when you say you go first,i dont blame you for being scared,iam scared to death to tell you the truth,i never expected to have these kinds of problems in my fortys,i actually had them in my 30,s but was so busy with sick parents did not have time to press the issue with the drs.I hear you when you say you dont want to bend over a sink,those sinks kill my neck,thats why i color at home when up to it,and i do have a much older lady friend who cuts my hair because i cant do those fancy salons anymore,the young girls are sweet but a little rough on the neck.its really wierd here iam in my 40s and these older woman are running circles around me.iam happy for them but i too have aged like over night its like one of those movies where 2 people switch places,in this case i feel like my mother in law is 40 and i am 80 freaks me latest and new symptom is unbareable headaches i noticed you mentioned these in your ive had headaches before but these are different,iam hoping there just a side effect from the facet shots,because this is just getting ridiculous,and i dont need to add any more meds to my do your headaches feel like?these are scaring me because iam spending to much time in bed,my skin is like hanging off my legs and they use to be in pretty good shape,i only wear sweats even in summer out they are more comfortable,in in the house i have these long dresses that are real thin because of sweating(how attractive)i will let you know when i man up and get the burning of the nerves,probably when these headaches subside.thank you for repling sammy i really feel all alone my girlfriends thank God are healthy and they really dont understand,i have found comfort with the older crowd even though they put me to shame,some of them have been there and now they are fine,so there is hope,hang in there.hope you have a pain free day. marywoo

sammyo1 07-03-2008 05:59 AM

Re: Burning Of Nerves Any Advice?
Mary, how funny, I am in my 40s to & often joke about joining the senior center.
I just feel so old, I limp in the morning & can barely use my arms, I can just imagine how I look to others.
Those headaches are god awful, they are not you usual headaches. Hard to describe The pain just kind of engulfs your entire head. Its so painful to even move it at all. My pain meds did nothing for it. For me at times it hurt just to blink my eyes. you just want to lay there & not move the head at all. KInd of like your whole head is in a vice & someone is squeezing it. At times I could just feel it was coming from the neck. I got to the point I would let the PT touch my neck at all. I am going to look up a headache called cervogenic that was mentioned on the PM board, do the same & see if it sounds like what may be going on with you. I know out of all the pain I hate headaches you just cant function at all. Nothing I did would get rid of it. I just laid with ice or heat & prayed for sleep. They usually went away on their own, except for the one I had the tirgger point injections for. Did it say they could be brought on by your procedure?
I hope I dont get anything like that, I cant deal with the headache stuff. Had migraines in the past that put me in the hospital & they scare me more then this pain I have now.
I know what you mean about friends not understanding. I have come to the conclusion that I cant expect anyone to, because I probably could not have understood a whole lot unless I experianced it myself. I would have been sympathetic but lets face it hard to even describe whats going on most of the time. My husband I think understands the most when he sees how hard & how little I can move some mornings. He got up this morning & woke me up to take my meds before I got out of bed. I just think he cant stand to see me cry. Its hard. I have a new friend who has chronic pain & it is nice to have someone who understands completley & has no expectations of you. In fact she uses the boards. I feel blessed to have met her & she has my understanding in return. Its nice to not have to try to explain at times why you cant do this or that. It does help alot to know there is someone who can identify. I had my sister in law but she passed away recently & I miss her so, she & I would share our feelings & joke about it, I have felt kind of abandoned, which is selfish of me. God works in mysterious ways because then came along my new friend. God must know I am a wimp & need someone who understands (lol). I am here for you & I hope those headaches go away, perhaps rubbing your neck with something or ice/moist heat. Take it easy & I will pray you get relief. I know how you feel. Let me know how your doing. Sammy

Marywoo 07-04-2008 02:57 AM

Re: Burning Of Nerves Any Advice?
Sammy,i am so happy for you to meet some one that understands completely,i think that is more important than anything some times.she must be a very special person.I took your advice and looked up the cerg headaches, and i think that must be what iam experiencing,my teeth actually hurt,i guess at this point i should be thankfull to have teeth.your right about the procedure bringing these on iam almost positive thats what did it.the only other time i had headaches was right before my monthly,these headaches have been dailey and there different they engulf the whole head,different than a migraine scared to death of the almighty migraine.I called my dr yesterday to fill my hydrocodone,and they said they would do it this time but that would be the last,Iam kinda mad because he got me into this in the first place with misdiagnosing me years ago and always advising me to go the gym.which made me worse instead of better,I have a love hate relationship with this man,but perhaps this is for the best,but iam not gonna lie iam scared to death of being without them but maybe i am addicted,we"ll see.Do you mind me asking what you take for the pain?you dont have to answer if you feel it is to personal.i"ll have to start a new thread about getting off the hydro cause i will definately need help and i find much more comfort with the people on these boards than people that are blessed to have no pain.well its the forth of july and i hope you have a great time with whatever you plan to do,and thank you sammy for responding you are unbeleavably compassionate and i for one appreciate it as iam sure everybody else here does.i"ll probably be getting that rhizotomy sooner than i thought without my pain meds,so i will let you know,id really prefer to skip it but i dont think ill be able to now.hope you have a great holiday. marywoo

trackerv123 07-04-2008 08:27 AM

Re: Burning Of Nerves Any Advice?
Hi, I'm sammy's friend, did you have the burning of the nerves done yet? my doctor wants to do that on me next and what should I expect and how do they do it? and what is the recovery time? sorry for all the questions, just alittle anxious about having the procedure done.

Marywoo 07-05-2008 04:19 AM

Re: Burning Of Nerves Any Advice?
Hello Tracker,so nice to meet you ive heard alot about you from Sammy so iam so so happy ,sorry we have to meet under painful circumstances but i have to beleave everything happens for a reason.I have not yet had my nerves burned for the simple reason that i got so sick after my first round of facet shots,but the day after that procedure i got my monthly so iam not sure what pain is coming from where.I know that sounds stupid but it is true.I will have no choice but to have the rhizotomy but I told him my system needed a body is in pretty bad shape.the thing that freaks me out about my pm dr is he keeps saying i have pain down my left arm,but its in my back and neck area ,years ago it was down my arm.Did you have neck surgery tracker?if so was it worth it?my reumy says i have to have so many shots before sending me to a nuero.i now wonder if i should have just gone to nuero first,but now iam stuck in insurance limbo.I cant afford all this stuff.the burning of the nerves does not sound as bad as i thought i read a post from FOSTER,and she said it helped her so that is good to know.Have you ever had the esi shots TRACKER?I also had bad reaction to them so iam afraid,my husband and family are getting sick of this,and i cant blame them.sorry to moan tracker its just so nice to talk to someone who understands pain.Thankyou so much for posting,please come back if you get time,you found a great person with Sammy.I hope you have a Great holiday. marywoo

sammyo1 07-05-2008 05:02 AM

Re: Burning Of Nerves Any Advice?
Mary, I am where I am today because of misdiagnosis to, so I understand. Dont know if I mentioned that, makes me so angry. I have permanant myofascial damage due to all the misdiagnosising. I cant believe the doctor knows your in this pain & is going to leave it at that. Must be your PCP or GP, most of them will only prescribe so many pain meds & if you have been on them for any length of time then yes your body is probably addicted.
So that is wrong for the doctor to handle it that way. Who is doing the burning? One of your doctors should be able to give you your medicine. Go on the Pain managment board & put a thread up, they will advice you on how to handle that on. Wonderful, knowlegdable people there. Do you have a PM doctor? That is where you need to be.

I take percocet, tried all the others & when the pain became chronic & could not move my arm had to go on the perc. If they took my medication away I would probably have a heart attack. I was in ER so much it was unreal, my heart rate & other vitals would skyrocket & I would have dry heaves in the mornings from the pain. I get alot of chest pain from this problem, we are hoping it is coming from the c or t spine & not muscle damage. So many doctors thought I was having a heartattack or cardiac problems, to many to recall.
I would not be able to move without the meds, cant lift my arms in the mornings & my fingers have joined in. Actually its the pain in my fingers that are waking me up.
You doctor is not doing his job, if you are still in that much pain he should have recommended you to a good PM, you should really make an appointment or call & tell him how bad you are, how it is interfering with your life & you area worried of having nothing to take for the pain, so can he suggest a doctor that could help you.
If I am to understand correctly even with the procedure you may need something for pain. My doctor put it this way, this will cut down the pain but may no take it entirly away. So the goal is to cut back on the meds if it works.
May I ask what reactions you had to the epidurals? I probably shouldnt, have it scheduled wed. & hate anything like that. Tracker will be at the PMs wed to, how funny is that. She is a sweetheart Mary & you will like chatting with her.
Please go the PM board & let them advise you, there is no reason you should worry about suffering. As for families dealing with this, well all of us understand, our families have been through the same. You will find alot of support on the PM board. Take care & I hope to see you on the other board, dont want to think of you suffering. Sammy

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