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  • Bad Neck Adjusment Seems to Have Led to a World of Hurt

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    Unhappy Bad Neck Adjusment Seems to Have Led to a World of Hurt

    I was seen for a potential muscle spasm in the vicinity of my left shoulder blade and mentioned that my neck had been a little tense as well. The doctor proceeded to do a manual adjustment, and repeated the procedure three times on subsequent visits, all the while the muscle pain under the left shoulder blade through my mid back on that side did not subside and my neck just got worse feeling. The third time, he sort of snuck up on me and I wasn't expecting it. I was on my back and he was behind the table feeling the bones under my skull and just twisted!! I had my eyes closed and for a second my breath caught because it had been so unexpected, and the docotr asks me, "Are you still with me?" I couldn't tell if he was joking or not...h*ll of a joke if so, right? Three months and a little bit of physical therapy later, as well as MUCH time off of work (which gets expensive if you know what I mean), the doctor was ready to release me after I'd seen no improvement and only increased pain and tension. I could not even sleep the night through, or turn my head in any direction for any length of time, even seconds without a lot of pain, especially right under my skull on the right side. He just said, "I don't know what else I can go, maybe this just ins't the job for you and you need to find a new one." I may have forgotten this was a worker related injury and I was being seen at the discretion of my employer and the insurance company my place of employment uses for Worker's Compensation claims. Once I had an X-ray of my shoulder...where I didn't even have any symptoms as the pain I had was in my back muscles, just located by the shoulder blade (trapezius muscles, hello...) That's the only diagnostic test that has ever been performed. I saw a specialist soon after, more physical therapy that wasn't really helping, a diagnosis of "chronic cervical sprain" and possible myofascial pain in my back over those pesky tight (painful, burning)muscles.
    I have had massage, done some upper back strengthening exercises, and I am currently being seen by a Rolfer for structural integration work once per week and for the last six months. Nothing alleviates the pain completely, I can feel the bones of my neck just under my skull bulging out onthr right side, I've got symptoms of TMJ (super tight jaw) which aggravate my neck worse, and I feel generally fatigued, tense, achy, unbalanced, pain in my lower back, headaches, ugh, I genreally feel awful and never want to go out or do fun things on the put it lightly....and I just want to know A: what is wrong with my neck and back and what can I do to fix it? The rolfing, massage, stretching, etc (all on my own dime) seem to keep things from getting worse and provide a little fleeting relief for a few hours or a day...but I want to not feel like $H!t all the time and enjoy a normal life like I had before. I am only 22 years old and have been injured since 2005. I do not want to spend the rest of my life like this, it's more than simply depressing and's miserable. I have also gained 15 pounds during this time, partially because I now have a desk job,and partly because I just do not feel as motivated and physically capable of maintaining the same level of fitness I had before.. Has anyone experienced anything like this at all and what can I do???

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    Re: Bad Neck Adjusment Seems to Have Led to a World of Hurt

    I am so sorry you are going through this. What kind of dr. was it that did those "adjustments"? Was it someone that w/c sent you to? A chiropractor, perhaps? Please, whatever you do, do not let another doctor manipulate your neck. The one you saw most likely only added to the injury you had already experienced.

    While I have never had to deal with w/c, I can tell you that your next step is to see an attorney who specializes in it. You need to have your rights protected. There would be no charge for the consultation and if he takes your case, he won't get paid until you settle with w/c. You need to see someone before you end up being fired at your job; they would love to get rid of you to avoid any further medical bills.

    Hopefully, someone who has been through this type of thing will come along and give you some added advise about your options. I do know for sure, tho, that an atty will see to it that you are allowed to see the dr. of your choice and make sure that w/c pays for it! You most likely will need to have an MRI of the cervical area before anything else is done.

    Hang in there and remember to be proactive. This is your life, your health, and your body and you have the right to be taken care of properly.

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    Re: Bad Neck Adjusment Seems to Have Led to a World of Hurt

    Adjustments are not appropriate treatment for neck spasms. See a different doctor, if possible.

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    Re: Bad Neck Adjusment Seems to Have Led to a World of Hurt

    i too would love to know just what type of doc actually decided to do basically "blind" adjustments on you? this really IS scarey,honestly. even seeing a chiro with some level of neck issues can be hugely risky at best in some cases. without the benefit of at least one baseline MRI to even begin with,it just could place alot in jeopardy. you DO defintiely need an MRI at this point that should have been done way before 'dr adjustment' started manipulating things up there. that IS just plain scarey in what you explained was done to your c spine. without knowing just what even could have been contacting your spinal cord becasue no MRI was done,geez,the consequences could have been a disaster for you. i would stay far away from whoever this doc is and get an MRI done ASAP. right now,anything that is wrong up there,well you do not even know for certain if this even was the level of original injury or something this stupid doc decided to just do to you that casued it,you know what i mean?

    there are just sooo many different possible issues that could be lurking up there that need identifying before anything else is touched on you. not knowing just what the true level of injury or even other issues you could have had even before that injury occured just NEED to be found out so you can be 'properly" treated by the right type of doc for your level of injury.

    the big thing here is that what you have described as being your "problem" are actually symptoms of possible c spine problems such as a possible herniation or some level of compression or inpingement/stenosis going on to name a couple. the thing is,what you are having as "symptoms' are being generated by "something' in that c spine area or you would not have what you have going on. when things are inflammed or under constant pressure in there it does send out signals to the muscles which will tighten up in response to just being constantly stimulated by the c spine issues triggering them out. so getting that c spine and upper T spine MRIed really really just needs to be done in order to really 'see' what is or is not there that could be casuing the signals to fire.

    that c spine area is very very different in many ways from every other area of our spines. it is very heavily innervated and carries some of the cranials down to about c7 t 1 then some do loop back up into the head again. so having c spine issues to some degree can in some cases casue very profound symptoms up in the head or face areas too. but any possible issue that is contacting the cord itself just ups the gravity of the situation since possible paralyzation(or other huge body system function issues too) from up at that level would be devistating. you just really need to know for certain what it is that is casuing all this to even be there in the first place,ya know? jut what symptoms are you displaying or just feeling,and i mean everywhere. any leg/gait issue or numbness or tingling or anything else a bit insane going on?

    i would push for the MRI as the top priority right now,you just really do need it that badly. you also need to see if those stupid adjustments could have also casued some level of real injury too. this just really should have been done at some point in the very beginning. trust me,you do not want to have something happen up there since it does impact sooo much other stuff in our bodies. just keep pushing this til somone finally listens. i do wish you luck with this and hope things are not too overly bad up there,but something is causing your ongoing symptoms there and the most likely place would be the c or upper t spine areas. this coud be also causing your shoulder issues too. x rays wont show the things that really just DO need to be looked at when having the types of symptoms you are having. and that would also include any possible real shoulder damage,not just the bone stuff but the tendons,muscle and what makes up that rotator cuff area there? i had/have both rotator cuff tears and also huge c spine issues too, sometimes it is really hard to tell just what is causing what somedays.

    please let us know just what you find out and how things are going. good luck,Marcia
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