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kamalt 07-09-2008 10:02 AM

Cervical spine problem - Having dizziness and headache

I am having bad dizziness and headache for more than 3 months. Neck pain occasionally. I went to a neourologist and he checked MRI of my brain and cervical spine. My MRI of brain came normal. But, cervical spine seems to have few issues.

My doctor said, there is a minor problem in my cervical spine which is trying to block the blood flow to brian and hence I am getting dizziness and headache.

He said surgery is not required for this and referred me for rehabilitaion centre, where they taught me few exercises but still I am having the dizziness and neck pain. But not as bad as earlier. Even I am having tremor all over the body.

I don't understand my MRI of cervical spine results. Also, very much worried of what is the 100% solution for my problem.

I have given my MRI readings below.

Could any of you please help me out in explaining me whether my problem can be rectified 100%?

[B]MRI of my cervical spine[/B]

Evaluation of the individual disc levels is significant for loss of disc signal intensity from C2-C3 through C6-C7 compatible with mild degenerative disc disease.

At C4-C5, there is a small central disc osteophyte complex.

At C5-C6, there is a smallbroad-based central to left paracentral disc osteophyte complex, which slightly effaces the ventral thecal sac, but does not deform the spinal cord. There is no evidence for herniation at any level. The uncovertebral joints are significant for mild-tomoderate arthropathy at C4-C5 on the right, which leads to mil-to-moderate right-sided forarminal narrowing. The remaining uncovertebral joints are unremarkable.

The soft tissue structures are unremarkable.


sammyo1 07-14-2008 04:46 AM

Re: Cervical spine problem - Having dizziness and headache
MRI results are complicated. I have learned that doctors put alot of stock into those tests & they do not always show it all. I have the same, the dizziness, & when I had my MRI it showed problems in the cervical but not enough to indicate it was causing all my problems. After years of suffering I started having PTs & even a doctor admitt that they are not as reliable as we are led to believe. 31/2 yrs since my problem started I am back to having my cervical & thoracic spine looked at. I dont have much faith in tests.
My pt made a good point, you are in one postion for an MRI so it does not show what is going on in there when movement is involved. Anytime PT was attempted on my neck it would trigger off violent headaches so I figured all along there was more going on then any MRI showed. Its all confusing & frustrating. I am trying to just put together what area of the cervical or thoracic can cause what, such as certain areas of cervical effect certain fingers, same with shoulders arm, chest area. That is also how my PM is looking at treating me. Good luck, Sammy
ps dont know if it helps but thus far my problems are starting at C6 & down, although my MRI indicated C5 the PM is so far starting at C6, I do have some of the same indicated in yours, & it was said to be mild. I have also learned it can depend on who is reading the MRI, how they interput it.

mbbasketball 07-19-2008 09:17 PM

Re: Cervical spine problem - Having dizziness and headache
I recently saw where there is a MRI machine that is taken while you are sitting up. From what I gathered, it shows a clearer picture what your spine is doing while sitting down. Now that makes sense, since it will show the real compression. I am not sure it it available everywhere. You may want to seach the web.

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