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sammyo1 08-19-2008 09:44 AM

dizziness, could it be from the cervical area?
Hello everyone, I am usally on the PM board, but I hve a feeling I will be visiting this board abit more often.
I was wondering if anyone here has experianced any problem with dizziness or feeling abit "off", for lack of better word, due to cervical problems.
I will get get this dizziness at times & I have noticed it can occur more so when turning or moving my head a certain way. It seems to be occuring more often & I definantly do not like that feeling. I have been going for ESIs over the past couple months & the last set did not make a difference at all.

I am curious to see if anyone else experiances anything like this.
Also anyone see a difference with this type of problem following any ESI procedures? Thanks everyone, Sammy

Elga 08-19-2008 10:47 AM

Re: dizziness, could it be from the cervical area?

I have been suffering from dizziness due to herniated cervical disks. At first was diagnosed with a condition similar to Meniere's disease, ear, got therapy and after a surgery that had me in bed for a week, I realize that they went away. The reason is that during that week I had a neck rest.Then when I started using my neck a lot, the diziness reapered. The only thing that helps me is to take 1/2 of an Ativan but I wish I could find another solution.

Did the injections ease your neck pain at all? and how many did you receive, good luck


MOMOFBOYZ 08-19-2008 02:05 PM

Re: dizziness, could it be from the cervical area?
Hi Elga! I have 2 buldging discs in my back and 2 in my cervical spine. Plus something that is a small round 5mm something that lit up. My head often feels too heavy for my neck to hold up. And I will sometimes get a chin tremor. But my most disabilitating symptom is dizziness. I was treated once with antivert for vertigo but it didn't even touch it.
I am always dizzy to a certain degree but sometimes it is so bad I can't drive. Or I am falling down dizzy.
No one knows why. I do have other medical porbs. (thyroid, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) but this is just not right. I will continue to look for answers. And in fact just yesterday started searching for cervical dizziness. Problem is I have read it usually follows whiplash. I did not sustain any type of injury.
I sure hope you find you answers. Keep searching. Maybe someone with more experience will help out. Just wanted you to know that you are not alone.
Hope today a good day!

sammyo1 08-19-2008 06:35 PM

Re: dizziness, could it be from the cervical area?
I will try to answer your question the best I can. First I have to tell you that I am a mess, so I hope I do not confuse you to much,lol.
I have more issues & pain else where then in the actual neck, although days like today I woke up with such pain in my neck & a headache that nothing will touch, You know the type that you can feel it radiating from the neck & can make your head feel like its going to explode, each movement hurts.
I have alot of shoulder/arm, chest/ribs & upper back issues, muscle spasms & pain everyday. I have no ROM in the mornings with the left arm for the most part. Went through shoulder surgery & there is thought to be myofascial damage along with some nerve issue, thus far my PM is looking at cervical & thoracic, ESIs are being done in those areas.
The first set I had some relief, like in the hands & some minor pain reduction, the second set nothing, although he did it abit different by adding an injection to see if it would help the rib area, which kind of backfired.
I will be going for a nerve block & ESIs for the T area sept4, & praying for relief. Trust me even that bit of relief was great. my meds worked better with that bit of help. I have heard with ESIs everyone & every set done can be different. I have a friend that just had success with a set of ESIs & she was thrilled. So to me its worth a shot when your in pain everyday. I would love to reduce the meds.
I do know there are some things going on in that neck of mine & seems that if I wake up with it a mess, like this morning its pretty much here for the day.
Very different headaches, nothing touches them. The dizziness is scary & I am hoping it does not get worse. The pain is not new to me but learning about the spine & nerves is, so I did not know if others experiance this.
So thank you for you response I appreciate it very much so. Sammy

Elga 08-22-2008 12:37 PM

Re: dizziness, could it be from the cervical area?

Reading back my firs post it is a bit hard to understand. I should have said that I was wrongly diagnosed with a condition similar to Meniere's disease. For another non related reason I had to have an operation, due to this I had a "neck rest" being in bed all day long. This allowed my neck to heal I guess and my diziness disapeared for a few weeks. This is how I understood this dizziness came for the herniated disk (that made me suffer a lot).

If I understand well you dizziness came after you got the injections, hope they go away, and if not try 1/2 of a pill of Ativan (the lowest dose) and for me it does the trick. Stops the dizziness all together.

As you can see I am a mess too specially that day I posted and English is not my language (french actually). I understand your pain, I hope you find some relief when you finish your sets of injections.
Maybe you already did but for me a dawn pillow actually helped those morning aches, I use to sleep on a hard pillow which is not recommended. I cannot give you more advice as not familiar with your other issues. Maybe you could try Glucosamine, Chondo..Msm, helped me a lot but had to stop them because they cause major sleep disturbance and zoombie like feeling in me. What helps me are anti inflamatory (Naproxen) but cannot use them much as I gave GERD and upset my stomach. Sorry about your headaches, must be hard, tylenol helps me but only if taken on an emply stomach. Good luck with your treatments and thanks for your response.


I feel the same way about the heavy head, it's terrible, I feel my neck is like a small pin trying to hold a big water melon, specially towards the end of the day. Keeps me from doing a lot of activities. Have to rest my neck on a pillow and stay like that until I go to bed. I also tried antivert for dizziness, did not help at all. Apparently Ativan somehow blocks nerves and that is why it helps stop that awful feeling. I usually take it on an emply stomach first thing in the morning like I said before 1/2 pill of the lowest dose i thing it is 1 mg. About the whiplash, I suffered one about 30 years ago, so could be that or a bad position I held for two many years doing my work. Surely you have a lot on your hands if adding the chronic fatigue syndrome ( I think I have that too), so hope you give a try at Ativan it took me a year to find something that helped, it does not take the pain away just the dizziness, better than nothing, thanks for your wishes, same goes to you,


skych 08-22-2008 12:49 PM

Re: dizziness, could it be from the cervical area?
I get the same exxact thing as your talking about!
I can't post any further about it right now because I am in the midst of a spasm and I think it is getting worse right now so I will check back in here later.

sammyo1 08-23-2008 07:17 AM

Re: dizziness, could it be from the cervical area?
Actually the dizziness was there before the ESIs (injections), but it is driving me crazy. I get these headaches in spurts. They will come & then go for awhile then reutrn. I do know they are hard to get rid of or find anything that will control the pain. So I have to assume because my neck hurts that is where it is coming from.
THe pillow thing drives me crazy. One doctor will say try this, then another this. I got the memory foam pillow & at first liked it but now it seems to hard. So I just bought I cheap soft one. I used my daughters which is really soft & I liked it so I thought I would try the softer one. I also tried the cervical pillow which was highy recommended but thus far its not doing much. So I am at a lose when it comes to the pillow thing. Woke up with not to bad of a headache but its increasing in pain already so I am disappointed.
Pain killers dont really help it at all.
I remember being given the ativan in the hospital & it worked very well. Then I asked my doctor at the time if I could try it after I came out of the hospital, well she bi tmy head off & I never asked to try a specific drug again. I am in Pain managment now so I am not sure if he would be more responsive to it or not. I am on the valium & have no addiction issues so maybe I will ask. First I would need to see if the ativan would work as a muscle relaxer. Thanks for the response. I am really getting alot of pain from this head & neck, so any suggestions are appreciated. Sammy

Elga 08-23-2008 12:59 PM

Re: dizziness, could it be from the cervical area?
I was just about to suggest the pain clinic, I think it's the best thing you can do right now. To bad your doctor would not prescribe ativan. My family doctor did when I asked for it but it was for my insomnia at the time, then further on I read it could help with the dizziness and it worked, first thing in the morning before anything (even the coofee). Doctors are scared of the addiction, but when we are aware of it it helps control the amount we take.

About the pillow like you I invested a fortune in them. The dawn helps because it is so soft you can form it and I make a part of it like a little ball under my neck which supports it and if you happen to shift to sleeping on your back (happends to me) it does not prob you head up, it goes flat. I had to take a little daws out of the pillow because at first I found it too thick which is not good for the neck either. Try it and let me know if you wake up in better shape, hope this helps

vegas28 08-26-2008 02:31 AM

Re: dizziness, could it be from the cervical area?
Hi, I just posted a reply to you about cervical headaches then saw this post. I mentioned in the cervical headache post about finally getting some relief from taking Imitrex, a prescription migraine medicine. I have had severe bouts of vertigo on and off for 15 years. About two months ago I got out of bed with a slight headache, but kept falling over to the left and running into the wall....I told my husband to get me and Imitrex and a low dose valium and after an hour I started to get my balance back and was able to get off the bathroom floor and go back to bed. I have also had physical therapy, massage therapy, trigger point injections, etc. and they all AGGRAVATED my trigger points and GAVE me headaches. My neck doesn't appreciate being TOUCHED by anyone except a bag of ice. I would seriously ask your doctor about trying a migraine med as your neck and head pain and dizziness sound just like me and I would have never dreamed migraine meds would help.

skych 08-26-2008 06:50 AM

Re: dizziness, could it be from the cervical area?

I am sorry it took so long for me to get back to you! I forgot this post was over in this forum and kept wondering where it was or if I was imagining things..LOL

Sometimes I get dizziness when I do thing like turn by body in the shower or if I am just standing and turn a certain way I will feel really off balance and almost as if I will fall over. It is worse if I have my eyes closed for some reason.

This is not that big of a deal that it affects me too much. I always figured it was form the neck stuff.

I do remember when I was going through the ESI's--the Transforaminal ones....that i was dizzy after and did get headaches for a while afterward.

I would let your doc know about it if you have no already done so.

As for the ativan...I thought that was an anti-anxiety med, but maye they use it for a muscle relaxer as well.

Hope things will get better for you soon.


Elga 08-26-2008 01:29 PM

Re: dizziness, could it be from the cervical area?
I think the valium works the same way the ativan does for me it takes away the dizziness altogether. Imitrex will look into it, don't know if your poast was for me but I'll take wathever advise I find. I too tend to pull more on one side than the other and like chrissy walking in the dark has become impossible (or closing my eyes). Now I don't know if I should go through the steroid injections. I'll think about it.

Wishes for all of you for a complete recovery


chablis3 08-27-2008 03:39 PM

Re: dizziness, could it be from the cervical area?
Hi Sammy and everyone, Haven't been on here for awhile, and sorry to see, Sammy, that your still having problems. Just wanted to mention that I get dizzy quite a bit, and mine seems to come when I am having a particular bad time with pain, like when I am trying to walk and the pain from my back and legs hit, it seems like I also get a dizzy feeling along with the pain. It's a funny hot, flushing dizzy feeling that runs through my body. I am assuming it is from the pain caused by the herniated disc's in my back. I also got a bad headache the last two times I had the epidural the evening after the shot, but it did go away the next day. It's hard to say what your symptoms might be from, but just sharing my experience with you.

I used to take Ativan years ago for anxiety attacks; I think it is a mild nerve medication. I weaned myself off of it in time, and don't take it anymore. It helped me, and I didn't have any trouble getting off it.

Hope all else is well with you and family, and been thinking about you. My best to you and everyone here!


sammyo1 08-28-2008 06:10 AM

Re: dizziness, could it be from the cervical area?
Thanks everyone, As far as migraines go used the get them awful, was put in the hospital for them a couple of times. So although its painful like a migraine can be, like painful just to move the eyes its not the exact same. AT this point I can feel the neck is involved. Boy its painful & I think we all know that headaches are the one pain that makes you want to just do nothing at all.
I am hoping this virus I have is contributing some how, I still have a fever & have been feeling like this since friday. It strange that when I swallow I can feel anything I put in my mouth doing down the upper back. Like I said strange.
As far as the dizziness it just comes out of no where, I will say if I turn my head quickly it can strike. I just have a feeling all of this is connected to the neck. The pillows well, I am going to rotate the ones I have & see which one I do better with. Crazy but I refuse to go out & buy another one.
I was very curious to see if anyone else suffering from cervical issues had the same thing going on. So maybe we are on to something, thanks everyone, I am so appreciative of your time.
Chrissy I am counting the days down with you sweetie. God bless, Sammy

grama13 09-02-2008 03:18 PM

Re: dizziness, could it be from the cervical area?
Hi Sammy01 I had a 3 level ACDF done in Nov.07 and shortly after began to experience dizziness mostly when lying down which is weird.It first started on one side but now it could be either side if I turn over to quickly.It can also occur while standing up if I bend over to the side.I do believe it has something to do with the cervical problems.Ive had injections for pain after surgery but dont believe its from that seeing they started before .I do plan on letting my pm know on my next visit to see what he says.Ive put it off hoping it would go away. I will post if I learn anything ok. grama

SpineAZ 09-02-2008 07:58 PM

Re: dizziness, could it be from the cervical area?
Are you on any medications? I have found that neurontin and lyrica cause me to get dizzy.

sammyo1 09-03-2008 07:59 AM

Re: dizziness, could it be from the cervical area?
Thanks ladies, I am more convinced then ever it is from the neck. My neck is worse then its ever been & I am really getting some nasty dizziness. As I put in my other thread I feel like a box of rice krispies my neck is snap, crackle & popping & its feels super stiff & always feel like I am on the verge of a headache if I dont already have one. On my follow up visit I will also ask my PM so perhaps we can compare notes. I am just really getting fearful that its getting worse. Thanks ladies I so much appreciate your time & sharing your opinions. Sammy

MOMOFBOYZ 09-03-2008 06:26 PM

Re: dizziness, could it be from the cervical area?
Yes, I have 2 collapsed discs in my cervical spine and dizziness has been a symptom of mine for 3 yrs. I can't prove it's related but I know how awful it feels. It truly takes away your quality of life. I mean, you can still do things if your in pain like driving but if your dizzy you can't do anything when your dizzy.

I hope the seniors can give you an answer.


grama13 09-04-2008 03:00 PM

Re: dizziness, could it be from the cervical area?
Hi spineaz to answer your question I am taking darvacet but have never had any trouble with that making me dizzy.Also was taking morphine and never got the dizziness just made me drowsy which is a whole different feeling. grama

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