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greenacres 11-14-2008 05:19 AM

One week postop ACDF C6/7 w/PEEK cage - (m)...
Just thought I'd post an update. Today I'm one week post ACDF with PEEK Cage and plating on C6/C7. I made the mistake two nights ago of going to Aldi's/Goodwill and Walmart with my mother. Only about 2.5 hrs. of shopping. I suffered the rest of the night with pain in my neck and shoulders. I think it was too soon to try that but I WAS feeling pretty good all day that day. Do you guys think that was too soon?

Otherwise, my incision is healing well. I showered completely 1x so far and OMG, it was SO wonderful. I am doing it again tonight. Sleeping is becoming better. I finally moved to my bed last nite but after about 2 hours I was snoring so horribly I was waking myself up so I moved back to the livingroom so not to wake my hubby. Has anyone ever tried those breathe right strips? I told him to pick me some up, maybe they'll help.

I can't work at home until I get physician's release so I'm going to get that next week. Id just be doing our works' "Call Center". Statewide where they call in and the calls are disseminated all over and I can hook up to it right at home which will be nice.

I know one thing I am definately going to celebrate once this collar comes off in hopefully 5 weeks. That's when I go back for checkup and more xrays.

I believe today is when I'm getting my bone stimulator delivered to me finally. I am doing OK on the smoking. About 6 or so a day no more than that. I think I'm sitting pretty good since my NS said the type of surgery he ended up doing will assist w/fusion even more than using a cadaver bone and then also using the stimulator will help fusion considerabley even though I will be smoking a few a day.

My throat is doing well. The soreness of the breathing tube went away but I still have that sensation of a golfball in my throat at times it's pretty bad. Just dealing with it, not much else you can do. By the way, does anyone know WHAT that is? That feeling ? Is that the hardware?

Anyhow, wow, this got long. Just taking it easy, doing a lot of little stuff. I watched a movie yesterday and I'll do that again today. Still taking my one hydrocodone every 2 hours along with 2 Valium for muscle spasms(1 in am and 1 in pm) every day. Supplementing with 2 Tums to get my calcium every day and a multivitamin.

Take care everyone and I hope everyone else is also recovering well.


SpineAZ 06-16-2010 07:57 PM

Re: One week postop ACDF C6/7 w/PEEK cage - (m)...
I found I was unable to do computer keyboard work until after the collar came off. I type very well but never noticed how much it taxed my neck area and how often I did a slight peek down. I was out for 6 weeks before going back to that type of work.

Also, you've probably already learned but shopping of any length should not be in the plan. You need rest and relaxation with some light walking during the day.

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