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cheryl810 01-10-2009 09:35 PM

Lower Back & Neck Pain - What & How was you DX?
Hi everyone!
I've been recently dx with fibromyalgia but on top of that I've had lower back and neck problems for years. Within the past 6 months my lower back is extremely painful; it constantly painful from the moment I wake up (worst pain) to the time I go to bed. I can't sit or stand for long periods of time and just sitting here typing is killing my lower back. For years I'd tell dr's that the pain low and conjoins with my hips and tailbone. I get relief if I bend forward but obviously I can't be doing that all day long. The other day I went to pick up a magazine out of a basket I have on the floor; I never felt this kind of pain. I felt something shift out of place and go back; I literally screamed in pain. The pain gets so bad I could barely walk some days. The left side of my back is always numb and just feels like I exerted myself when I'm not. The pain somedays goes down my left let also.
My neck is always so painful I just hold it. I was involved in a pretty bad car accident about 6 years ago and got a major whiplash. Since then my neck and left shoulder always hurts. I also once in a while will get this HORRIBLE sharp electifying pain when I turn my neck. It feels like something moved in or out of place and hit another object in my neck. When this happens I get double blurry vision for a second due to the severity of the pain. I haven't had MRI's in awhile (scheduled for them in a couple of days of hip and cervical spine) but last I knew I had 2 bulging discs in my neck. I've also been told I have a slight case of scoliosis. All I ever got done was PT but if you massage or press on my neck to hard it makes it worse and then I get a really bad headache for days.
Can anyone relate to these problems? What were you dx with how did you go about getting that dx? And how did you get it treated?

sammyo1 01-11-2009 05:29 AM

Re: Lower Back & Neck Pain - What & How was you DX?
Wow, I would be asking for an MRI of your entire back. I am no doctor but boy it sounds like you may have some things going on in your cervical & Lumbar. I dont get these doctors at times, things can change & especially if there was a problem noted in the past. My surgeon just told me that often if there is a problem in the C area problems in the L area can follow. Yet when I first started seeing doctors & compaining about both areas they looked at me like I was crazy.
I also had an MRI done over a year ago that showed some minor problems, then had it repeated a few months ago & by then I needed surgery, which I had 2wks ago. Let me tell you the MRI showed a fraction of what the surgeon found when he go in there. I dont believe for a minute that those problems were minor.
I have the lumbar to deal with to & I know it can hurt like mad. This time I am not asking for the MRI on the lumbar I am tellling my doctor I want it.
That is not right with all that pain you really need to have it checked. I am angry that I was left to suffer for so long & wish I would have been more of persistant now. You know your body & that is not normal & you should not have to suffer so. Please get it checked out & let us know how it goes. Good luck, Sammy

cheryl810 01-11-2009 05:59 AM

Re: Lower Back & Neck Pain - What & How was you DX?
Thanks Sammy01. What I'm afraid just as you said is that when I get these MRI's done it's not going to show much. I'm assuming here but I bet they'll say that they don't see much to compensate for the pain I'm having and just send me to PT. I forgot to mention that my mid back is very stiff so I just feel like I can barely move some days.
What I want to know is after the MRI results come back and if they don't show too much but you know that the extreme pain is real and has to come from something, what's the next step? I keep reading about people getting a discogram or something and when they did that, they found the bulk of their problems from that test. I feel like I need more than PT or something.
What frustrates me is that I feel like I have to suggest things and bring things up to all these doctors that I go to for them to do something.
Where did you go to get dx or get started with your problem? What surgery did you get done?

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