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Natasha Gourlay 01-13-2009 03:03 PM

Has anyone heard of Spinology? I have googled it and I can't find anything on it outside of Australia and Ireland. They guy that gave the seminar at my gym seemed a bit shonky and he did this whole Anthony Robbins motivational style thing, which just seemed to rob the theory of any credibility. And now that I cant find anything outside of Australia it seems even more far fetched...

I totally respect the existence of the central nervous system and understand the basics behind the theory (and the justification for the $150 per/mth fee) and I am just hoping to get it validated for other sources.

PNo 01-13-2009 04:48 PM

Re: Spinology
I hadn't so I looked it up. I found info pretty easily. If it were me, I would run the other way. This isn't a certified or accredited Medical profession from what I can tell they call it a "professional" program, probably more like massage therapist type thing bordering on type of adjustments that chiropractors do from reading the main Spinology training center site called the "iInternational college of spinology". I couldn't even tell if it requires a license. By the way there is another program done by chiropractic doctors called The Orthospinology Procedure which is different and is a medical procedure. Although personally I only trust my spine to orthopedic or neusro type doctors.

So to be fair I guess this would fall under "alternative treatments". Spinologists treat by appling soft force into the paraspinal muscles around the spinal column to relieve spinal obtrusions. Though similar in premise to Chiropractors, Spinologists do not use any manipulative force on the vertebrae; all effort is applied within a normal range of motions of the spinal column. Maybe this is something a PT might get training in the US and use it under their PT license. I didn't fing any separate license and I think it requires a license in US.

Spinology is overseen internationally by the Registration and Professional Development Board of Spinology???? Somehow this sounds fishy to me since I am not aware of any of medical professions in the U.S. at least that are licensed and managed by some international board. All Spinologists trained by accredited training courses are required to be registered through this body. This also doesn't sound like something that would be done in the U.S. There was also no pre-req trianing (like a medical degree, a chiropractic degree etc.) The World Spinology Alliance is a worldwide professional association with branches in a number of countries.

Also in the training program curriculum it looks like they get quite a bit of marketing and client management training - that's probably why you felt this way about this guy.

Listen to your gut - it was probably right.

Natasha Gourlay 01-13-2009 07:41 PM

Re: Spinology
Thanks for that. I suspected as much...

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