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tesmar 03-04-2009 03:48 AM

Spinal Cord Tumor L1
Have just found out I have a spinal cord tumor at L1-L2 which is taking up approx 90% of cord space. Symptoms came on fairly suddenly with severe back spasms and electrical like shocks. Have had no noticeable weakness or loss of sensation. My neurologist said the tumor (which he feels is benign)will need to be removed but we can wait for a month to do the surgery.

Although I am only having spasms at this point, I am concerned that the other symptoms of cord compression could present themselves fairly quickly. I am on a muscle relaxer and pain medication so that I can walk a bit. Would a short stint on Decadron help until we can do the surgery?

As it stands, I saw him while I was not having spasms so I'm sure I did look like I was managing well although I did tell him that I often am having to lie in bed because of the spasms.

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