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MOMOFBOYZ 05-13-2009 09:01 AM

FIrst visit in awhile
I posted here awhile ago as a first timer to the board. I have cervical stenosis and a disc coming off of the nreve root sleavet. I finally have surgery schd on June 11th.
I am thankful for the post about what to get ready for the surgery and what to expect after. I peruse this board daily now that it is just 4 weeks away. It was supposed to be in Feb but I decided to wait until my boys were out on summer break.
I am ready but every once in awhile I get panicked. I am sure it will go fine. It is an anterior appraoch c5-c6 and c6-c7. I just feel like I am beginning to nest. Thinking ahead to get things ready. The kids even gave me a small bible verse book for Mothers Day to take with me.
Please pray for me. If anyone has any advise at this stage pls let me know. All I can do is read what all of you have gone through and think mine should be about the same. I don't here of many cysts coming off of the nerve root sheath so that does add a sense of fear. Will he remove it, biopsy it??? The nurse has assured me that he will I called one day when I was panicking. This doc is highly respected but doesn't exactly sit dwon and slowly go over things. Believe me I am no stanger to being a pt. I have been sick for 3 1/2 yrs. Dx with Chronic Fatigue SYndrome and Hashimotos thyoiditis. Now this. If anyone at all has had the cyst pls write. But I have asked that before and got nothing.
Anyway any comments on the prep for surgery pls advise. Thanks for listening.


Lynnetter 05-13-2009 04:42 PM

Re: FIrst visit in awhile

don't have the cyst, so I cannot help you there. The wait time before the surgery is always the most anxious time--it was for me, I take a lot of supplements and had to get off most of them.

While not hurting yourself from overdoing--best to keep somewhat busy to distract you. If you can go for walks, do easy pain free exercise to promote circulation, maintain upper body stregnth.

Double check your living situation--go to the post--do a double check. I even brought clothes out of the closet and had at a reachable level. Got a 12 inch foam wedge for the bed--really easy to sleep and get in and out of bed.

A friend brought lots of books--but mostly hard to read, except the paperbacks--the angle of my neck brace didn't make it comfortable.

Bring a soft pillow for driving--your head just bumps on the way home--see if you can get your medications prior to surgery.

Anyway--keep talking to your friends, ask for prayers, well wishes, etc.

Hope it goes well for you.

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