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KeefTeef 09-11-2009 09:23 AM

Shiver on command
Somewhat odd condition and looking to find some answers. Not sure where to post this, if it should be posted soemwhere else, let me know.

22 old Male.

So as long as I can remeber, I can make myself shiver on command regardless of temeperature.. Somehow, I make the muscles (or at least, it feels like muscles)around the base of my spine, move?(I suppose thats the closest I can describe it)and it sends shivers up the spine, along my arm, up the neck and around to the end of my cheeks and chin.

Depending what position I'm in depeneds on the 'degree' of the intensity of shiver. Its most 'potent' when I am lying down and slighty less so when I sit straight up. It is very difficult to do when I am standing, however. It can only 'shiver' so many times in a row, like a battery, the intensity of the shiver decreases the more I force it in a short amount of time until I can't make the muscles produce it.

Now, they are no noticeable negative effects. However, I found out at a very young age, that when I am asleep and lets say, a nightmare comes to play and I don't feel like being eaten by the T-rex, if I can force my mind to focus on my actual body, I can use the shiver while asleep and it immediatly stops the dream and I wake up about 2 seconds later as if I wasnt having a dream at all.

Handy for nightmares, unknown to anything else, I don't really know how I do it but I would just like to know what this could be or mean.

nero 10-27-2009 09:27 PM

Re: Shiver on command
Hi, not really sure how you do it on command but a lot of us get shivers due to the spinal cord or adjacent nerve roots being impinged. Have you a history of scoliosis from youth; have you had a sporting accident like hitting your neck etc. I get the shivers when my disc is compressing nerves and it is very irritating and always feels like I am cold. That is about all I can offer.
Otherwise you need to seek information about Reynauds syndrome which is vascular compression causing the shivers and cold sensation. Sometimes it runs with other afflictions but again you have to be careful and have some test done with your doctor. Anything else is just speculation. Good luck:wave:

KeefTeef 11-03-2009 12:21 PM

Re: Shiver on command
Thanks for your post.
As for 'on command' I make my spine or the muscles (not too sure...) around the middle of the spine (not the base like I said earlier, sorry)
I do not have a history of scoliosis, other than getting a baseball right in the kisser, no noteable sport injuries. I pretty much could do this for as long as I can rmemeber.
But I will look into the Reynauds syndrome though.

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