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  • cold feet (or foot) w/ c-spine injuries?

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    cold feet (or foot) w/ c-spine injuries?


    last night i woke up and my left foot was so cold, but my right foot was not nearly as cold. my left side is the weaker side these days and bears the brunt of most of the tingling and numbness i experience on the whole.

    anyone else have this kind of thing with cervical myelopathy?

    i have cervical spondylosis, stenosis and bulges at c3-4, c4-5 and a herniation @ c5-6 with spinal cord compression.


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    Re: cold feet (or foot) w/ c-spine injuries?

    Hi Binx,
    I have a herniation at C5/C6 and experience left side weakness and numbing. I think this is "normal" for this type of condition. I have slight inpingement on my spinal cord and am seeing surgeons for their recommendations for surgery. Although I have minimal (knock on wood) pain, I am concerned about permanent damage to my nerves. So although I'm scared "sh__ less" about surgery, I want to get this resolved now and try to get on with my life. Right now I'm so guarded about my condition, I don't want to do anything physical besides the basic household chores. Not sure if you feel the same way. I hope you are able to do something with your condition to make you feel somewhat whole again. Take care.

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    Re: cold feet (or foot) w/ c-spine injuries?

    Oh yep, me too! the tops of my feet are all pins and needles and feels like someone is standing on them! I also get left heel burning pain, they just shun it off as planters fascitits. I have pretty much the same as you, cord compression, spurs, fusion, more bulging above and below fusion and also lumbar collapsed l5/s1, had discectomy, more bulges in lumbar too. I'm going to pain management the end of the month- esi's again? trying to avoid another surgery. I thought my cold feet were from my thyroid issues, but it really feels like a "circulation" ordeal, they turn blueish too. New symptom for me this wk is "vertigo"..when I lay down and turn my head to sleep, pins and needles up the neck/head, oh what we endure! We're not alone! hope you find relief soon!!!! have you tried esi's? maybe try some?
    Hashi's / Hypo Jan 2008
    C 5-6-7 fusion
    L-5 s1, discectomy, ddd, o/a, scoliosis

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    Re: cold feet (or foot) w/ c-spine injuries?

    hey binx, i just have to ask you this only becasue with actual cord involvement you can actually "percieve' some really insane stuff along the way. did you actually touch and really feel the skin surface to determine that coldness or did it simply 'feel' in your head like "hey that left foot really feels cold" kind of thing? with cord involvement or injury, alot of really off the wall percieved crap actually truely feels like things are happening to your body kind of thing, vs what are normal types of 'parasthesias" that you can get from other types of spinal issues?

    if this actually was cold and you are weaker on that L side and also have been Dxed with myelopathy, this definitely needs to be reported to your neurosurgeon that i am assuming you are already seeing? just how truely compromised IS that cord, to what extent is it being compressed? was there ANY mention at all in your MRI about "myelomalacia" going in anywhere in that impacted area? i know we have chatted before but cannot remeber exactly what your spinal cord extent is. if the upper motor neurons within that cord are being really impacted, it can create not only 'motor" problems(hence the weakness) but it can also create what is called a vasomotor malfunction too which WOULD affect bloodflow to that side too. i ended up with this as a result of a spinal cord surgery. but both of my legs are involved.

    just exactly what is the plan here for relieving this compression upon your cord? this is just something that ALWAYS will upthe need for surgical intervention,and hopefully well before anything more permanent occurs from that compression just being there at all. the sooner the better, ya know? but this change, if this was actual and not a "percieved" type of thing really does need to be reported to your NS. marcia
    3-22-01,herniated C-6-7
    11-20-01,placement of hardware for failed fusion
    9-22-03,removal of cavernous hemangioma that was inside spinal cord. Neuro damage to L hand L leg and R leg.

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    Re: cold feet (or foot) w/ c-spine injuries?

    hello there ,

    thank you for all your kind responses. i will try to address each of your posts:

    p313rk: i am comforted to know that i am not alone with the left-sided weakness and numbness with my c5-6 herniation. recently, there has been some question about whether my more unusual symptoms can be attributed to another issue aside from my c-spine, so when anyone else describes something similar to my situation, it makes me feel less afraid of what's going on in my body.

    i am right there with you about being scared sh**less of the surgery, but after 6.5 months of unsuccessful conservative treatment, and navigating our way through all the requisite phases of denial, anger, etc. etc., my husband and i are now arriving at the final stage--acceptance. after kissing a number of frogs, i now have a NS in whom i have as much faith as i can possibly have under the circumstances, so that is in place. like you, i am also desperate to get on with my life. this whole thing has taken an incredible toll on me and my family and i can't wait to have at least some semblance of my former life back.

    kindspirit: thanks for sharing your cold feet experience with me. like i mentioned above, it puts my mind at ease to hear about other folks with atypical symptoms like mine. i also have lumbar issues--DDD and bulges at L4-5 and L5-S1 diagnosed in my mid-20s (i'm now 41), and a newly discovered T12-L1 bulge that is also slightly touching the cord which has caused me discomfort in my upper left thigh/hip region. i haven't had lumbar surgery since i've been able to keep that in check for the most part over the years, but this cervical stuff has pretty much knocked me down for the count. they haven't recommended ESIs for me for some reason. i think my NS feels that at this point, the only solution is to have surgery.

    hi feelbad: we have connected before, and i have certainly appreciated your input in the past. my foot actually felt cold to the touch.
    there was not any mention of myelomalacia in my c-spine MRI reports (i had one in 3/09 and a 3T scan in 6/09), and the docs i've spoken with (NSs and neurologist) have said there is no change in the cord signal from what they could see. the c5-6 herniation has caused a 2.5mm indentation of my spinal cord which one NS said is not a major problem and that many people have MRIs manifesting that same degree of compression and are asymptomatic. another NS i saw said that people can have even less compression and have even more pronounced symptoms. after getting all this conflicting information i am at an absolute loss

    all of these weird symptoms really scare me and some days i am nearly convinced that i have MS on top of the neck problems. at this point, the plan is to rule out any underlying neurological disorder and then schedule an ACDF to abate any further damage to my spinal cord. my next neurologist appt is 10/21, so we'll see what happens then.

    thank you all again. this board is a life saver for me as i sit here trying to figure out which end is up.

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