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dunerkat58 12-08-2009 01:26 PM

Cervical MRI Interpretation
I have numerous lumbar issues and have had neck pain for the last year. My lower back is currently causing me extreme pain and now the neck pain has also increased. Headaches, shoulder & neck pain, cramping in my left hand, some weakness. Had an MRI last week:

Findings: Normal marrow signal is present. No fracdture or bone edema. C2-3 and C3-4 disks are unremarkable. There is mild left sided facet arthrosis at C3-4.

Small posterior disk bulge and tiny posterolateral disk osteophytes are present at C4-5. The described posterior disk bulge is causing minimal encroachment on the ventral aspect of the central canal.

Small disk bulge is present at C5-6, also casuing minimal encroachment on the ventral aspect of the central canal. The described disk bulge is approaching but not definitely contacting the cord. No significant canal or foraminal stenosis is seen at this level.

1. Small posterior disk bulges and posterolateral disk osteophytes at C4-5 and C5-6.
2. Otherwise esstentially unremarkable study. No MRI evidence of significant central canal or neuroforaminal compromise.

It seems to me this does not seem as complex as others on this board, but I am in such misery and would like the impression of others here. Thank you.

Bobbyboo 12-12-2009 10:44 AM

Re: Cervical MRI Interpretation
I am sorry to hear you are in such misery. I would not have any medical knowledge to interpret your MRI but I have read that there is a relatively small space between the cervical vertebrae and even a small disc bulge can sometimes cause a lot of pain and problems. These can emanate from the nerve root, even if there is no spinal cord involvement. It is my limited understanding that the nerve root can become compressed and/or inflammed from chemicals which can leak from the protrusion. This in turn can cause local and referred pain down the nerve pathway and also muscle spasms.

An MRI doesn't show everything and just because it does not show severe disc problems does not mean that you are not in severe pain. Most people on this board with cervical disc problems will empathise with the pain and distress you are feeling. What does your consultant advise?

Bobbyboo x

dunerkat58 12-18-2009 05:02 AM

Re: Cervical MRI Interpretation
I am having a facet injection on 12/22. I hope this will help. I am taking otc meds as the ortho's pa I see says they can only offer percocet or vicodin and those make me itch and don't offer me any relief. I am now getting dizziness and nausea, so I will mention it to the pm doctor tuesday who is doing the injection.

I am also stressed as my husband is facing IOU's and/or reduction in pay at work. That will severely limit me in going to the specialists as the co-pays are expensive. I know there are many others in the same boat, so I will just sail along as best as I can until things get better.

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