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  • Cervical Stenosis and Unusual Symptoms?

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    Old 12-02-2001, 10:34 AM   #1
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    Lizzie51427 HB User
    Cervical Stenosis and Unusual Symptoms?

    I am looking for others who have experienced unusual symptoms from neck problems---like headaches, facial pain, upper teeth pain, earaches, dizziness/lightheadedness,etc. I just want to know if there is anybody else out there experiencing these types of symptoms like I am, and who,like me,have gone from one kind of doctor to another (family doc, ENT,etc.) looking for causes of these different types of symptoms, and finding no answers, because no one can say for sure if they're neck-related, or not, not even neurosurgeons. Has anyone learned anything that could help me with this problem? I'm afraid to go through disk surgery only to still have dizziness, ear problems, etc. Also, if anyone has been through this, did anything before surgery help with symptom management? And, if anyone has had the surgery, did it help with these symptoms? Thank you very much!

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    Old 12-05-2001, 08:13 PM   #2
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    CherScoled HB User
    Re: Cervical Stenosis and Unusual Symptoms?

    Hi Lizzy--

    It's interesting that you mention those symptoms, because I did experience some unusual symptoms over the years,but never did connect them potentially to my neck problems.

    I have a bulging C6-7 disk that is currently pinching a nerve to my left arm. I started experiencing problems 16 years ago, symptoms would come and go over the years. Oct 8, the disk bulged enough to pinch the nerve, sending shooting pains down the arm.

    But, back to you question-- while I lived in Calif, I had many-- what I and my ENT called sinus infections-- headache, tooth pain, earaches, swelling of the toungue, extreme fatigue-- my ENT put me on a daily nasal spray. The symptoms appeared to go away, but the ENT never saw any blockage in any sinus cavity-- so it didn't seem he truly belived I had sinus infections.

    Earache! The outside of my ear hurts if I sleep wrong-- this really puzzles the docs! Boy I sound like a complainer-- but of course these are syptoms over 16 years, so please forgive!

    During those years in Calif, my neck problems had subsided tremedously from when I was in college-- in college I had to put right arm up against the head to keep head stable when rolling out of bed, couldn't lift arm to brush hair, had to use right hand to "place" my head in position-- couldn't turn it on my own. My doctor at the time told me it was stressed induced. Somehow, I healed and got most of my flexibility back. But now, looking back, I realize I still had symptoms in Calif-- I had lost strength in my left arm, and on at least 2 occassions had shooting pains down my left arm, so I got checked out for a heart attack. Now I know it was the nerve.

    I'm not currently having headaches, tooth pain, etc. So I can't honestly say if I think my symptoms are related, but yes-- I did have similar symptoms to the ones you describe.

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    Ginger79 HB User
    Re: Cervical Stenosis and Unusual Symptoms?

    I am having similar symptoms neck pain, vertigo, migraines, almost two weeks ago the left side of my face went numb like i was coming off of Novocaine. I had a spinal MRI they found bulging disks (Cervical Spinal Stenosis) but i was told by my neurologist that may not necessarily account for the vertigo. two other doctors want me to have a brain MRI to rule out MS. One other doctor said I may have harden arteries reducing oxygen to my brain...

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    iambus HB User
    Re: Cervical Stenosis and Unusual Symptoms?

    I don't know if this info is useful but I have cervical stenosis but I also have jaw problems that come and go (maybe I have the jaw problems b/c of the neck problems?) I have have issues with my ears and I recently found out that the issues with my ear is actually due to me clenching my jaw. As soon as I massaged my jaw and took ibprofin (anti-imflammatory) the problems magically went away.

    If you too, are clenching your jaw when you sleep that could totally cause ear problems, upper teeth pain and the other symptoms you have listed. (if you think that might possibly be the problem, you would have to see a dentist or orthedonist. Drs don't seem to really know about this much. I had a dr tell me it was all due to stress!)

    But of course, your symptoms could totally be caused by something else. Bodies are so complicated! :/ But I figured I'd share my experience just in case it helps Good luck

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    Re: Cervical Stenosis and Unusual Symptoms?

    Hi Ginger and Iambus....don't know if you realize it, but you've added onto posts that are almost 10 years old...please check the date in the upper left had corner.

    But since I had cervical stenosis(now fused C3 to T1), I'll add that the vertigo needs to be checked out. Neck issues can cause all sorts of stuff but I don't remember having vertigo with it...maybe a couple of times but not as a regular thing. When you have so much blockage in the neck that the cerebro-spinal fluid gets blocked from flowing freely around the cord and brain, it can cause all sorts of headaches and then nerve pressure can cause all sorts of numbness but vertigo is another problem. I'd get the brain MRI's to rule out MS first before assuming it's neck problems. My best friend has MS and it's amazing how close our symptoms have been.

    Iambus, I've had those bad spasms of the jaw muscles...wicked! I am a jaw clencher at night too. I always wonder if it's my neck then I massage the jaw and take a muscle relaxer and that usually tells me. Glad to know someone else does the same thing.


    Old 08-17-2011, 03:06 PM   #6
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    iambus HB User
    Re: Cervical Stenosis and Unusual Symptoms?

    ops, sorry about that! I just assumed since it was within the 1st 2 pages of the forum that it was a recent post (I always look at the date in the other forum I'm apart of but I guess b/c I'm new on this forum I haven't quite gotten in the swing of things) But I will make sure that from now on I check the dates :P

    And yeah, it's weird how similar the symptoms of cervical stenosis are with MS. Up until a week ago when I was diagnosed with cervical stenosis I was convinced I had MS (which is why I had the MRI done) MRI came back clear of lessions but showed the stenosis along with many other issues with my back. But the orthopedic dr I just saw said that some of my symptoms still seem like MS and not from the cervical stenosis! So confusing! It's weird that I went to several drs expressing my concern about MS (I've already been tested for lupus, lyme and all the other mimics that can be tested by blood) but the drs kept just saying all my symptoms were all in my head or depression! And never once mentioned cervical stenosis (I dunno, perhaps b/c of my age, it's not something they would have expected?)

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