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  • Cervical Spinal stenosis vs. fybermyagia

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    Cervical Spinal stenosis vs. fybermyagia

    What are the diffrances and symptoms of either? I`m not trying to get medical advice, just want to know so i can bring it up with my family doctor!Also is overactive bladder and foot drop from these conditions or maybe from post anerysm in the aorta repair. Cuase i have a 6 Year old mini-me and I would love to be able to run and play with him again. Its very painfull but are there any exercises i can due to bring back walking cappabilities and bladder control? Sorry I dont spell so good just learning how to type i`m a old fart but finally stepping into the computer age.

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    Re: Cervical Spinal stenosis vs. fybermyagia

    have you actually had a FULL from c spine on down to that sacral area type of MRI just to actually SEE any potential areas of actual stenosis? stenosis will generally show itself upon a good MRI in most cases. and also using a contrast dye would help to highlight more specific areas within your spinal too that do not always show themselves really well without it.

    if you have not yet had the MRI, that seriously does need to be done first, just to really see what may be impacting nerve flow, which in turn could explain the more 'hyper" bladder and foot drop symptoms too? it all really depends upon what is found within your spinal and what level of true impact is going on within the nerves that run thru that very tiny outlet called the foramen that would show whether or not stenosis, or even some other spinal issue IS actually impairing your nerve flow to specific areas that are not properly innervating them. that would show symptoms like you are having right now if there just really IS an actual spinal related problem, which could be something generated way up in your c spine or way down into the very lower part of your spinal. you really wont know til the whole spinal simply does get scanned first.

    depending upon just what does or does not show itself upon the MRI as anything imparing nerve flow would dictate whether or not possible fibro would even be a real possible. you simply DO NEED to rule out or in other possibles when trying to really dx the reasons for any symptoms, esp pain within your body. just having bladder issues AND any level of foot drop, really 'sounds" like a much more spinal related issue than fibro to me anyways(from what i can recall here, fibro is more of an actual more deeper type of 'pain process" that would not really impact nerve in the way yours is). while i do not know a whole lot about actual fibro other than there just are very specific "trigger points' in ones body that when pushed into, it initiates a pain response(how any given doc tries to Dx it? but you also can develop the same "type" of TPs from inflammatory signals eminating from actual spinal problems too depending where they are located), i DO know a ton more about possible spinal related possibles that simply can and does impact our spinal levels and produce some pretty crazy symptoms depending upon where and how the spinal/spinal nerves and the potential of also having any cord contact is being impacted.

    obtaining a FULL spinal MRI first really would show what is simply possibly being impacted or impaired from 'just' stenosis within foramen or other crappy things that just also DO/CAN generate esp the foot drop you are having? that can come from a spinal motor nerve being impacted/closed off to the point of almost no real nerve flow even ititiating the abilty to allow your foot to maintain its normal motor nerve flow velocity. but while the more 'likely' place for the symptoms you described would be more within the lumbar or below, BUT, like i mentioned above, if there just IS anything above that even within your c spine levels that is potentially also impacting you within the cord level, it is very highly possible to have problems ANYWHERE below that c spine cord impact too. thats why i would seriously try and obtain that full spinal MRI, instead of 'only' the lower spinal.

    unfortunetly, any 'good' and solid Dx of any condition or problem takes some testing just to really rule in or out possible underlying generators of symptoms. it just truely HAS to be done in order to even know, for your sake here, just what just IS underlying in you that could even generate the types of symptoms you are having. i would simply go to your primary at this point, tell him your symptoms, bladder issues AND foot drop just DO demmand a good MRI(do you have ANY actual pain anywhere?) and ask to get that full spinal MRI just to 'fully' clear or ID potential stenosis or other tons of possible spinal issues that people can just 'have",esp over time and aging? then see what THAT report states and use that test result to guide you into what you simply do next.

    but this really IS what i would do right now first if i were experiencing what you just are right now as symptoms. its just pretty difficult to realistically fully 'dx' fibro since it is usually a more of a 'testing everything else first then "settling' for fibro as more of a 'default' dx when nothing else actually explains your symptoms kind of thing? that is why ypu simply DO really need that MRI done first just to see other possible impacts within spinal that very MUCH are more likely as the casue than fibro would be.

    hopefully a good MRI will actually show what just IS impacting what would be nerve flow in some way. but this really also needs to be a full spinal and not 'just' the lower. just have that talk/consult/eval with your primary and get this ball rolling towards a possible Dx sooner than later,esp when the bladder is involved. bladder involvement just really CAN be a much more impacful type of spinal issue just in and of itself that needs to be identified as the real cause since that area can progress into other issues much more quickly. its just considered to be a much more 'ominous sign' of deeper spinal nerve impact.

    i hope you can get the MRI asap just to really see whats going on in there sooner vs later before more strange symptoms just develop along the way. i do wish you luck with this. please let me know what you find out. marcia
    3-22-01,herniated C-6-7
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    9-22-03,removal of cavernous hemangioma that was inside spinal cord. Neuro damage to L hand L leg and R leg.

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    Re: Cervical Spinal stenosis vs. fybermyagia

    You don't say how old you are but indicate that you are up there. I'm 60 this year so I know that wanting to run with the grandkids.

    The #1 cause of foot drop in an older person is diabetes. The #1 cause of overactive bladder is a bladder that needs retraining due to age.

    But spinal stenosis or cervical spondylosis is also a big problem with us older folks and the spondylosis can happen without pain(stenosis hurts). Spondylosis is arthritis in the neck that slowly causes the spinal cord to become very compressed due to bone spurs. Stenosis is a growth of the bone inside the spine and it compresses the spine as well but the growth is painful on the entire spine.

    Fibromyalgia is a pain disorder where the body becomes extremely sensitive to any kind of pain and the muscles in particular, ache due to a failure to relax fully. You have pairs of "trigger points" in the body where pain is at a maximum. It does not cause foot drop or overactive bladder as it actually does not cause any problems other than constant unrelenting pain.

    I would ask your doctor to do at the least an MRI of your neck. About 3% of the population of older people have cervical spondylosis and it can cause both foot drop and overactive bladder but it is not the most common cause(docs tend to think of the most common cause first).

    I know Feelbad thinks a full spine MRI would be the first step(and she is right) BUT if you have Medicare......forget it! They will never approve it(I have it too due to disability and they restrict MRI's). So ask for the neck one first. If that is negative for problems, then ask about a lumbar one. Thoracic comes last as it is the least likely to be the problem. If your spine is clear, then you have to search for other causes for those problems.

    Good luck and let us know how it goes.


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