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julesgian 07-15-2012 06:06 PM

Chronic Neck Spasms after acdf
This is in response to a closed thread. My gosh! I thought I was the only one enduring this same thing. I had c4/5-c5/6 fused 2010. I am have constant neck spasms...on the right side mainly. There is a huge knot the size of a goose egg at the base of my neck but my whole neck hurts, is stiff sometimes these weird deep hard pinches. There are certain activities I know make it worse. Driving, laundry, jutting my chin out etc...sometimes it can be something random. I have not pursued help as diligently as I should. I walk on the treadmill 2 miles about 4 times a week, and use skelaxin...which works okay when it's built up in my system but then causes depression and heart palpitations. For pain I use arthritis strength tylenol at night because it's time released I use three but your only supposed to take 2..I'm afraid I'm going to blow my liver so I only use it at night so I can hopefully sleep. I take ibuprofen 3-4 times a day. I really try to limit the meds as much as possible because I am concerned about the long term effects but I'm to the point that I really could care less because the pain has just worn me out. Prednisone is the one thing that helps a lot and that is what I am going to push for this week. I still use a collar quite a bit. I usually sleep in a soft collar and use my old Miami J when I'm trying to do some chores. I'm going at the end of this month back to the thing is it seems like basically everyone just writes you off. I got the same response. The surgery was a success...don't know what to tell you about the neck pain. It is having a detrimental effect on my marriage and we have an 8yr old daughter. I'm frustrated and at my wits end with the whole thing. I'm just trying to do everything I can think of stretches, posture..I ordered a posture support to help me pull back my shoulders., eat healthy...I haven't tried insurance doesn't cover it either but I'm trying to get on a more proactive stance here. Pain has a way of motivating you to do that. If anyone has any input...ultrasound treatments, physical therapy, anything that has helped please throw it my way so I can bring it up to the doc.

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