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Klhdan 07-16-2012 02:40 AM

XLIF Thoracic T5/6 T 7/8 L1/2 Myelomalacia
I have been diagnosed with Myelomalacia at T 5/6 and I have bulging discs at T 7/8 and L1/2. My surgeon will do an XLIF by removing a small portion of one or two ribs on the right side to reach my spine. My surgey will be August 8th. I have a lot of confidence in my surgeon. Last year, I lost the ability to raise or use my left arm. I went through several neuro surgeons, orthepedics, and nerve studies. Everyone thought my problem was from my brachial plexus. I found my surgeon and he immediately diagnosed it from my neck. The other surgeons said no way was it from my neck. He did a C4-7 four levels with titanium plates and screws in my neck. My arm came back gradually almost immediately after the procedure.

I had been hit by a car last June and I was thrown into the air. My legs were banged up. I went to my knee doctor who diagnosed me with a torn MCL on my left and tendonitis of my right knee. Went to rehab for a few months. My lower back started to hurt and I had numbness in my buttocks, groin and down my right leg as far as my toes. My balance was off and I attributed it to the torn MCL. I went back to the surgeon who did my cervical surgery in November. He sent me out for MRI's of my lumbar and thoracic. When he saw the MRI he told me that I needed surgery and that it was going to hurt. I am afraid of the pain that he told me I was going to feel and especially from one or two ribs being cut to make a pathway. But I hate how I feel when I wake up every day with restless sleeps and aching lower back pain. I can't jog anymore and bending causes pain. I was surprised that my surgeon felt that my imbalance (he had me walk heel to toe and I couldn't do it at all) was caused by the T 5/6 until I read that Myelomalacia can cause parapaligia. I am not sure what else can happen from the disc bulging so far into the spinal cord (it looks like it is 1/3 the way into it to my eye).

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