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captnanny 07-26-2012 12:21 PM

Been a long time!!
It's been a long time, maybe a year since i've posted. I had three surgeries since 2007 due to an injury at work and treatment to the neck was denied because I was not presenting pain in the neck, only numbness in my arm. Stupid workmans comp. Three years after the injury the neck pain was unbearable, my arms barely worked and the mri showed multiple herniations, nerve impingement and spinal canal narrowing.
The first surgery was ACDF to C3-C5. That went well for a year and a half. Then the hardware was loose and fusion failed. I had to go for another Posterior laminectomy and then two years later another acdf for C6-c7. After the surgery last year I experienced numbness and tingling in my right hand and arm. I thought I could handle it because the pain had gone away and I thought I was through with all this stuff. It began to increase and the pain started to come back. I had a nerve injection which took care of some pain but only on the left side. It has now returned. My fine motor skills are shot in my right hand, which is my dominant hand and the numbness and tingling is 24/7.
After a MRI, and two cat scans it revealed increased lucency of 1mm at c6-c7,
the screws and metal plate have shifted, borderline spinal canal stenosis and no bone bridging.
I am looking at another failed fusion. My doctor is really upset because he has a 95% success rate and I have failed twice. The first time I believe is my fault, I didn't quit smoking. This time I'm going in on August 13th.
Anyone out there go through 4 surgeries to the neck? I am supposed to be fused from c3-c7. What kind of long term pain am I looking at?

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