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slowlygoincrazy 08-20-2012 10:54 AM

Post ACDF nerve pain
Hello, I am 4 months post-op from C5 ACDF. Prior to surgery, I had extensive electrical pain in my arms (mostly left side). This electrical pain still exsists post-op and now I'm noticing the more active I become, this pain is increasing and radiating through my entire body. It now affects my leg movements and I have found myself starting to trip occasionally. I never had this prior and it does not seem normal for this to get worse after. I am on Lyrica 2x daily for the pain, however it is not working as well as I feel it should be. Neurontin caused severe vision issues for me, so that was discontinued. I am in process of speaking with my surgeon about this issue, however just wanted to know if anyone else had similar experiences post-op. I realize that there are always risks with surgery and this could just be one of the side effects of "getting back into a routine" so to speak. Thanks in advance...

frenchfri1003 08-30-2012 09:46 AM

Re: Post ACDF nerve pain
HI this Dec will be 2 years when I had my 2 level ACDF. Yes, the more active you are after surgery may cause the symptoms. It was a good 6 months before I did much. Going to PT at the 2 month mark caused similar symptoms. At the 8 month mark I was in really good shape. Then I was rear ended and back in horrible shape. I tired Lyrica and could not tolerate it either. Definitely talk to surgeon. Sometimes when you carry yourself differently then other areas of the body create and it is a dominion effect. Your entire spine is connected so if due to the ACDF you move differently then your lower back may be compensating and therefore causing different issues. Good luck.

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