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jd74 10-09-2012 01:01 PM

elevated resting heart rate... Chiari related ?
I have had about 4 episodes over a 3 year period where my resting pulse would elevate to 110 bpm (about 2x my normal resting pulse) and stay there for 36 straight hours. For a number of the episodes I managed to have an EKG, BP, and other battery of tests and everything was normal other than the pulse.

I had an MRI of the brain done a couple years ago and it said I had borderline low lying cerebellar tonsils, possible Chiari malformation.

I have read that elevated pulse can accompany Chiari, but not sure if the description I gave describes what is typical for it?

The vertigo I get, I associate with ear infections from sinus infections.
A lot of the nerve / spinal chord related symptoms I associate with cervical myelopathy or residual from fusion surgery. The head aches I associate with the calcification build up in the spinal canal. That elevated resting pulse is the only symptom I can't associate with anything else (and no doctors can either), and wonder if it is Chiari related?


Ilovemycutedog 10-09-2012 06:28 PM

Re: elevated resting heart rate... Chiari related ?
Hi there...

I couldn't tell if they actually diagnosed with your CM or not? If so, they usually rate it from I-IV.

The way you describe it, it would be stage I and that is usually discovered by accident as many people don't have any symptoms at that stage.

And usually any type of heart rate issues are when someone has involved CM at a more aggressive stage.

Did they test you for adrenal gland issues? This is usually done by urine and saliva testing. This can be where there is a benign tumor that has grown and is affecting the glands and release of cortisol/adrenaline. Which then can cause a sudden raise in heart rate for no apparent reason.

An Endocrinologist would be good to see to investigate this possibility.

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