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faithrube 11-23-2012 03:38 PM

Odontoid fracture C1/C2 fusion in elderly

My question is as follows.
My 83 year old father had an odontoid fracture three months ago. It got much worse in the brace and he had fusion surgery last Thursday. He is in rehab in New York currently. He is not in great health, with heart issues, among others.
In three weeks time, he plans to travel by plane from New York to California on a family vacation which was planned months ago.
Everything I've read suggests that one month post surgery, is far too soon to travel (with a health aide). He will not listen to me, and no one else seems to be advising him against this. It is not even clear he will be released from rehab in time.
I'd love some input from people who know more about this recovery than I do.


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