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megha 01-09-2013 10:36 PM

Loss of cervical lordosis

I have detected with loss of cervical lordosis. I want to know the treatment for the same.

eggyby 01-10-2013 02:36 AM

Re: Loss of cervical lordosis
What a "loss of cervical lordosis" means is that your neck is getting straighter instead of having a nice curve in toward your throat. That is normal with happens to everyone. It may make your neck hurt and you may have trouble holding your head up. About all you can do is exercise your neck and shoulder muscles to help hold up your head but if the bones have shifted, you really can't do much for it. It is natural with aging.

If it is causing neurological problem with your arms or legs, then the doctors can do surgery to relieve pressure on the nerves but otherwise, they don't fix that straightening.


ladybud 01-10-2013 03:09 AM

Re: Loss of cervical lordosis
Loss of lordosis can be caused by muscle tension or spasm in the neck, and if painful or causing headaches, some people get relief with muscle relaxant medication, prescribed by their physician. Heat and massage can also help the neck muscles relax. This may be a temporary condition brought on by stress or strain of muscles such as occurs in a whiplash type injury common in car accidents.

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