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gary5661 01-20-2013 04:01 PM

acdf cancelled again 4th time
hi i hurt myself a year ago boxing day in the gym, after months of agony and back and for gp hospital and physio, i finally got an mri in april last year on the nhs im in wales, then got the results and had to wait for an appointment to see a consultant, the physio didnt want to touch me once she got my results and gp couldnt do no more for me. He has prescribed and is continuing to prescribe me gabapentin and zapain(codiene paracetamol),
after this i was waiting to see the consultant two months passed no appointment so i rang the hospital and was told theres a 9month waiting list so i paid to see the consultant privately, he told me i have a massive prolapse at c5-c6 which is whats been causing the pain in my back shoulder and down my arm. said i needed a acdf and should sort it, he said id be put on his emergency list as id had this for so long, maximum 3 months and id be sorted this was the end of June last year.

Thats the back story

now today my operation has been cancelled for the 4th time last time i was in the hospital and at 9.30pm i was told someone was in a more serious position and it was crucial her operation was done by this consultant, so my operation was cancelled and i was sent home.
this time i had to go to hospital friday in the snow for bloods and swabs for operation now its cancelled again.

im so fustrated so im wondering now can i live without this operation as the drugs ive been prescribed are controlling the pain what would happen if i didnt go ahead with it, also because its been so long now will i have permanent nerve damage anyway, if i didnt have this operation would it get worse.

hope someones got some advice with this please

WebDozer 01-21-2013 07:35 AM

Re: acdf cancelled again 4th time
I don't think that even a combination of frustration at the NHS and the fact that your pain is controlled by drugs should make you give up on the operation. I'm not saying you NEED the op, but if you DO need it, then the NHS and the drugs have nothing to do with that. Just my opinion...

gary5661 01-21-2013 07:59 AM

Re: acdf cancelled again 4th time
Fair shout its just I've been waiting what seems like forever to get this sorted. I've fought all the way with this to get something done. And every time they say this is the date for my operation you gear yourself up for it then nothing. Then you start second guessing yourself thinking can I go the rest of my life like this taking the medication. I'll just wait and hope they get back to me with a new date soon

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