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KayVK 05-16-2003 03:48 AM

Hi everyone. I'm writing from northern California and up late because I've decided to try to do my research, find answers and do posts on forums late evenings because of too many interuptions during the day and catch shut eye during the day. I'll see how it works out. I plan to try and find answers by reading your posts which I need to go through yet and become more active with your forum. I have a hard time typing and setting because I hurt in my neck, arms and back. I can last for so long then have to get off the computer then pay the next day with extra pain.
I have degenerative joint& disc desease; curvitures of spine along with numerous disc problems. I've been told I have a lot of damage in my spine causing nerve damage also. I have had two disc's replaced in my thorasic spine and now at present waiting to see a neurologist for possiable M.S. I've been seeing a doctor at a pain clinic since surgery. I've also been diagnosed though them with Postherpetic neuralgia.
They have a plan to put a Ten's box on my spine. I will not except this as of yet and can not get into everything at once. It's 3am now and I feel I really need to go to bed being my first night up this late so need to get to the main reason for my post tonight.
The doctor at the pain clinic wants to put me on Topamax and I'm not sure if I want to chance the side effects of it possiably being hard on your liver and may cause kidney stones. I was told it will help a lot of different types of pain. I had my regular doctor change me from Vicoden to Norco because of less Tyonal. I have been hospitalized with two very bad kidney infections in the past which also has to do with my hesitation on taking this med. I also take Klonopin which helped a lot for the Neuralgia and nervous system which I found on a forum for Neuralgia. I am taking samples of Skelaxin at this time to try out rather then take Soma for a muscle relaxer. It's suppose to be new and seems to work very well but have not really researched it yet. I am taking Milk Thistle to hopefully help protect my liver from the meds at this time.
Has anyone taken Topamx? I would appreciate any feed back about your experience with it.

Sulynn 05-16-2003 05:18 AM

I can't help you, but I just want to tell you that I'm sorry for all you've been through and are going through. Someone will be along soon with some answers for you...this is a great place.


jdog 05-16-2003 05:58 AM

Hi there -

I take Topomax. I switched from Neurontin because I was suffering from weight gain. I have been taking it for two months now (50 mg at night) and haven't seen any side effects. I do have mild headaches, but I take so many meds, and they were there before Topomax. I have heard to take it with plenty of water, because it might cause constipation, so I do that and get some extra fiber just in case.

jdog (doin' the vacation thing for a week)

melanie dawn 05-16-2003 09:25 AM

HI there,
just wanted to welcome you aboard. Life certainly seems to dish it doesn't it?
I do not take Topamax, however any med you take will have to be processed by your liver or kidneys. With the magority being via the liver. Do you have any issues with your liver that would make you so concerned? If not, there are some meds that are easier on the liver and kidneys than others. For me , i dont like to see anyone taking alot of tylenol on a regular basis. But your blood work , lilver enzymes and renal function testing should give you the answers to safe levels of drugs for you to take.
Once again welcome, I think you will find this to be a great place to be.

jdog 05-16-2003 09:45 AM

Mel's right, I forgot to mention that for Topomax, Celebrex, Hydrocodone and other fun meds, it's important to see your MD on a regular basis to have your liver enzymes checked. My last test was this past Monday and it came back normal. So far, so good.


KayVK 05-18-2003 01:22 AM

I thank you all very much for your reply to my question on Topamax. I was basicly worried about the kidney stones. I'm not sure of chancing this. I heard how painful it can be to have them and pass one and why help it along with a med that MAY cause them? I raised my son telling him taking most chances in life was not worth it. So I thought of the possiability of replacing it with something similar with out this side affect. When I talked to a doctor on the phone he said straight out it could cause kidney stones which made me sit up and pay more attention to this med. He also said it helped all types but also wondered if it was as good for pain as Norco. Ask the doctor, right? (I am a natural blond and I'm sure you heard the jokes about blonds. I fit right in there at times). They did start me out at 25mgs and wanted to get me up to 200mgs. I was up to 75mgs and was not driving or thinking too well (thanks a lot for the link on it to get more information). I got off it because I got a tar on it and when I went back to the drug store to get a refill they told me I had to wait for another tar! I came off it okay at that dose but was glad I was not at a higher one. They told me I had to call in ahead of time each time for the refill and then if I did not pick it up within seven days the tar was off and had to be redone and took up to 12 days. And also said something about Medi-cal okaying it each time. A person does not need any hastles when they are in pain.
My doctor tried Neurotin quite some time prior to present and I could not take it for some reason. Neither one of us could remember why not till he gave it to me a month ago and started me out on 300mg. When I awoke from sleep and tried to walk I was bouncing off the walls, like too much to drink. I was totally dazed and I mean bad. He probably should have started me at a lower dose but after that experience I did not want to even try it again along with not remembering why I coulden remember why I could not take it prior. He probably started me at 300mgs because I need something strong because I have very bad pain. I get off the computer after one hour or more shivering all over cold. I was told this is my body tying to fight off the pain. I'm so cold and hurt I lay down and put a heating blanket on me. I was given Morphine and also tried oxycotin prior to seeing this doctor but the doctor giving it to me did not moniter me correctly while I was on it. The doctor I see now says he will not get into double carbons. Fine with me because these drugs can be dangerous. Then my neice tells me the tens box made her arms or legs at times jump involunteerly and it did not help that much. I would be willing to try it though, which this is the pain clinics plan but is being put off till I see the neurologist because I may need an other surgery also. One doctor wanted to implant it near my spine and put the electric wires on my lower spine. I don't know if the outside one is best or not. This is an other decision I have to make with trying to get feed back from others who have used them first. It's like taking a census on a med if you have enough people who have taken it on the forum your on and will respond.
I am having spasms in my back too bad at this time but will be back.

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