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BlueFox42 05-13-2014 02:20 PM

MRI help plz, Cervical w & w/o contrast
Hi guys! I have read many posts form this site in the last year and half and I finally joined but now I feel like I am in a pickle.

My story quickly: Sep. '12 got hurt at work and was on Workers Comp.. After a year of the struggle and hassle with the docs not listening to me, I had enough basis to get a settlement and I went for it. Little did I know what would come out. I settled in Dec. '13 now I have stayed with the last ortho doc I was with under WC and I pushed him to do MRI of my thoracic as the pain was getting worse around my ribs in the right side and after completing 3 inj. to my facets @ L5-S1 the pain was unexplained. Well the thoracic MRI revealed a Syrinx 1.2 cm in my C6. Had to have MRI of cervical region done to find out more about the Syrinx. ( I never had a Syrinx before and I did have a ESI inj in lower back that had complications but unsure if it is related at this time) but anyways I was floored when I picked up my report and was wondering if anyone can help me decipher this report. I did the Google search and researched what I could but still seem to be having trouble. Here is the report and thank you for any help in advance :

MRI of cervical with and without contrast

History: Possible Syrinx noted on thoracic spine and Lower back pain.

Findings: Multisequence, multiplanar MR imaging was performed on a 1.5 Tesale magnet before and after the uneventful administration of 20 mL of Omniscan intravenously.

At C6 level there is a 1.2 cm in length, T2 hyperintense lesion which does not demonstrate enhancement. This lesion is situated within the central canal such as a focal syrinx. The clinical significance of this small syrinx is uncertain.

Vertebral body heights and alignment are maintained.

C2-3 demonstrates mild uncovertebral hypertrophy on the right without significant central canal or neural foramen encroachment.

C3-4 demonstrates mild uncovertebral hypertrophy resulting in mild right neural foramen encroachment. There is effacement of the ventral thecal sac without significant central canal encroachment.

C4-5 demonstrates a posterior disc herniation with associated annular tear. This finding completely effaces the ventral thecal sac and produces mass effect upon the transiting cord. Maximum AP dimension of the central canal this level is 7 mm. There is also uncovertebral hypertrophy resulting in moderate right neural foramen encroachment.

C5-6 demonstrates no significant central canal or neural foramen encroahcment.

C6-7 demonstrates no significant central canal neural foramen encroachment.

C7-T1 is widely patent


1. There is a small syrinx noted at C6 level without evidence of abnormal enhancement.
2. There is a disc herniation centrally at C4-5 with associated annular tear resulting in mass effect and contouring of the transiting cervical cord. Additional finding as noted above.

************ end of report.
I have only been treated for Facet issues in L5-S1 and have had issues with loss of bowels mildly as it seems to come and go but also experienced pain in chest and in right arm into hand that was expressed to current doctor and he gave me splints to treat carpal tunnel and dismissed my pain in other parts of my body. I have an appointment coming up to follow up with this MRI so any help is much appreciated. Oh, I am 27 and feel like my life is damaged and I just need to give up but I keep fighting for some reason.

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