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dmi 07-14-2014 09:51 PM

strange symptoms with cervical stenosis
for the past 9 months ive been experiencing the following strange symptoms:[LIST=1][*]tinnitus in both ears, more prevelant in the right. I experiene a contstant ringing. I also occassionaly get pulsatile tinnitus thats in sync with my heartbeat. I have visited an ENT doc and no issues were found with my ears. no hearing loss either[*]A sensation of throbbing in my forehead and the back of my head thats in sync with my heartbeat. There is no pain and it doesnt feel like a headache. Feels more like bloodflow pumping through my head. I had range of blood tests done which showed no issue. BP is also normal[*]Sore eyes that feel strained or tired, more prevelant in the right eye. I have had my vision checked multiple times in the last few months with no issues. There is no blurring or other eye issues.[*]nausea which comes on suddenly without explanation[*]occassional dizziness which feels like mild vertigo[/LIST]
when i tilt my head to the left (bringing ear down to meet shouler) all of the above symptoms are aggravated. but if i tilt to the right the symptoms improve.

I had an MRI of my neck with the following results:
At c3-c4 there is evidence of a moderately large osteophyte on the right side causing narrowing of the right side neural foramina. There is a minor disc bulge at this level. conclusion: foraminal stenosis of c3-c4 on the right

I dont appear to have any of the symptoms of cervical stenosis such as shooting pain, neck pain (or any kind of pain to speak of) and tingling/numbness. but i cant ignore that the head movements seems to be making my problems worse. Has anyone ever come accross the same thing with cervical stenosis? Is it possible that a trapped nerve and/or blood vessel could cause this?

Im a 31 year old male with no other health problems. currently waiting to see a nuerologist

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