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dmo56 01-01-2015 02:38 AM

which surgery first?
I have a problem that I would like opinions on please. I have multiple disc bulges with mass effect on the spinal cord. I have moderate to severe bilateral foraminal stenosis at three levels. I have definite nerve impingement in my left arm. I have had two surgical opinions as to what course of action to take. Both have recommended two level acdf with instrumentation. My final surgical consult is in January. I was planning to have my surgery soon.

Here is my dilemma. I have been having bad acid reflux problems for a few years. After many tests I discovered I also have a medium sized hiatal hernia. The pain from this hernia sometimes is moderate to slightly severe. I followed up these tests with a surgical consult for a Nissan fundulplication. Surgeon recommends fixing hernia and then wrapping my stomach around esophagus. Surgeon said I should have these repairs before I have my acdf surgery.

To say the least, I am dumbfounded. Now I need two surgeries. Both will require about three months for each surgery off work. I am already pinched for funds. Why do things like this happen at the least opportune time? To say I am upset is putting it mildly. I welcome any suggestions that any has to offer.

Thanks dmo

teteri66 01-01-2015 09:09 PM

Re: which surgery first?
Since I do not know anything about your second issue, I would only ask if you have had more than one opinion on the surgery for a hernia? Then when you go in for your spine surgery consult, I would ask this surgeon's opinion as to which should be done first. I imagine the answer will lie in just how bad is the cord compression ....Sometimes it is sufficiently bad that a person cannot safely afford to wait....If you trust the spine surgeon that you have selected to perform surgery, you may need to trust his opinion on which surgery comes first. If cord compression is not too significant, you can afford to wait...but the spine surgeon needs to make this determination, I would think.

dmo56 01-02-2015 04:54 AM

and the hits just keep on coming!
I have to admit this post is not about which surgery should be first. I just hurt physically most of the time. Both surgeries can wait of that I am sure. I guess I am just upset because my health issues are getting the better of me. A bad spine and a hiatal hernia are not what I wanted at this stage of my life. I guess I thought my life would get easier as I got older. Not the case at all. I have to work harder while feeling increasing worse.

I am feeling overwhelmed with all this. I need to work to pay the bills. I just don't feel well most of the time and have to deal with life problems. Every time I turn around I have to deal with my daughter's problems, bill problems or something else. I push through my medical issues so my family doesn't have to worry about money issues. I can't seem to get a handle on anything. This is just a rant, pure and simple. I know others here have problems of their own, I just am looking for a sympathetic ear and a kind word to get me through the day.

Thanks dmo

Thanks dmo

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