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  • Shoulder, Neck, Arm Pain for over a week

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    Shoulder, Neck, Arm Pain for over a week

    I had posted the following in the wrong section. Another member recommended I post to this section.

    Hello All. This post may be long, but please read and provide your input.

    On Sunday 2/15 I woke up and couldn't really move my neck. It would hurt a lot if I tried to move my neck from side to side, up and down, or in a circular motion. Also, my right shoulder, from shoulder all the way down to my wrist.

    Figured I maybe slept wrong and it would just go away. Come Wednesday I was still not feeling any better. I had been applying ice packs to the areas that hurt and taking Naproxen for the inflammation. Called my doctor and went to see him. He said it wasn't anything serious. Asked me what I was doing a day or two prior to waking up like this Sunday. Told him nothing out of the ordinary. Wasn't at the gym, wasnt doing any heavy lifting or manual labor. He prescribed Endocet for the pain and told me to come back if I wasnt feeling any better in a few days.

    My wife is an RN and mentioned the doctor should've also given me a muscle relaxer as I was also having muscle spasms on my triceps. It's the weirdest feeling. My triceps would just start twitching like crazy nonstop. I couldn't sleep. So I called my doctor and he called in a script for Flexeril to my pharmacy. So I've been taking the Endocet 5/325, Naproxen 500mg, and the Flexeril 10mg for about a week now.

    I feel like I've gotten better but not really. The only position that I can sleep in is on my back or else the pain is unberable. I usually sleep on my side or on my stomach. I've noticed that the pain has been moving. For example, I still have pain in the original places mentioned but now I'm also having pain on my chest, surrounding my nipple and around armpit. The only way I can describe the feeling is like a charlie horse but 100x greater. Also like a pins and needle feeling.

    I'm most sore in the morning after waking up. I feel somewhat better throughout the day. The meds help take some of the pain away but I don't want to be taking all these meds.

    Oh yeah, almost forgot, it's only on my right side. The left side of my body I don't have any pain, tenderness or soreness. I don't know if this matters or not but since that Sunday waking up like this, I can't do a push up. I just don't have the Strenght on the right side of my body. If I were to try to do a push-up, my right arm just gives way and I drop to the floor.

    I would appreciate any replies. This is really bothering me and also scaring me. Hoping my doctor didn't miss something here.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Shoulder, Neck, Arm Pain for over a week

    Sorry no one answered your post yet.

    Have you ever had any neck problems previously? The symptoms you describe could be attributed to some spinal nerve irritation in the cervical spine. This could result from a bulging disc or similar.

    It sounds like you are treating correctly if that would happen to be the cause. You can look online for a dermatome map. This will give you an indication of which spinal nerve innervates which area of the body. You can look to see if your symptoms follow any of the specific pathways...just to give you an idea of whether your symptoms might be connected to your spine.

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    Re: Shoulder, Neck, Arm Pain for over a week

    It sounds like it may very well be connected to your spine. Many cases of cervical radiculopathy (neck spinal nerve issues with symptoms radiating out in the pattern of the affected nerves), can't be tracked to a single event that caused them. Some people do have an MVA, lift something etc. but others just have it "out of the blue". This is especially true with people that have some sort of instability in their spine.

    Most radiculopathies go away with conservative treatment within 2 - 3 months and some will go away without any treatment as well. One reason for this is that there is usually some inflammation component going on where the nerves are inflamed which causes the structural disc problems that may be present to cause symptoms they may otherwise not have. When the inflammation goes away, so does the pain/tingling etc. The reason I mention that is that even if the pain etc. goes away it doesn't mean that there isn't some underlying structural neck problem waiting to cause more problems down the line.

    You may want to discuss getting some imaging done with your Dr. An MRI will point out any problems. If there are some, your Dr can perhaps prescribe PT to help fix posture issues, strengthen muscles etc, or if significant enough can refer you to a spine specialist neurosurgeon or orthopedic surgeon to help manage your treatment. These surgeons, who don't only do surgery, are the experts in diagnosing and treating spine issues. They have specialty training in spine ailments/treatment and limit their practices to spine issues only.

    Good luck and let us know how things go...

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    Re: Shoulder, Neck, Arm Pain for over a week

    Sorry I haven't replied in a few days.

    I started therapy on Monday 3/2. I'm going 3 times a weeks on M,W & F. My therapist says that its a pinched nerve on my neck based on my symptoms and pain areas. She said a sure giveaway that its a pinched nerve is the fact that the pain, burning, pins and needle, & numbness go from the back of my neck and radiate to the front of my chest, upper back, and down my triceps, elbow, forearm, and hand. All on my right side only.

    She gave me some neck strengthening exercises to try at home. Today is day 21 since I woke up feeling like this. I want to say that I'm feeling better, but that but would be a lie. I mean, there's some days I feel better, but overall it's still the same. From a 1-10, 10 being the worst pain, I would say I'm at about a 7-8. Its very uncomfortable to sit straight without slouching. Sleeping is almost impossible as I can't get comfortable enough to fall asleep and actually get rest. Just tossing and turning all night.

    One thing I am noticing now where I didn't have before is that if I sneeze, it hurts a lot on the front of my chest, only on the right side. Will bring this up to my therapist tomorrow. I'm taking Tramadol, 100mg every 6 hrs or so. But honestly I don't feel much relief. Don't think the Flexeril is doing much either besides making me super drowsy.

    My aunt was telling me she had a similar issue a year ago or so. She ended up getting some shots on her back (spine I think) and she said after the second shot she was great and like nothing ever happened to begin with.

    Is this something I can benefit from? I'm thinking of going back to my doctor this week. I would like an MRI to have a better diagnosis.

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