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StillHope 01-17-2009 03:07 PM

Any ideas on how to get "unstuck"?
I am having a long term ongoing stress and lots of pains (TMJ/dental- related) for several years now. I was able to make myself focus on the problem-oriented constructive solutions. Few times it felt like it was my last attempt but when it failed I was still able to "get up" and think of more ways to get out.

Currently I have made a new plan of what to do to possibly get myself out of my poor, if not to say desperate, dental/tmj situation but I find myself not being able to do [U]anything[/U] from what I know I should be doing; I feel stuck. I guess this is also called a burn-out.

Going to a counselor wouldn't work as I can hardly do things to get dressed, eat and so on these days... no motivation to talk to friends, they all are tired just from seeing me suffering for so long, so I try not to bother them on my own. Music, no way, anything bothers me now.

Any ideas of what to do to get unstuck? I assume I am not likely to be the only one to ever feel this way?? I'll be grateful for your replies.

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